How I became a flight attendant

I must admit since the beginning that I was always terrified of flying, choosing the ground transportation even when I had to travel for long distance or outside of the country.

I was following with interest every episode of “Crash investigation” and I knew by heart all the components of an aircraft and the possible causes which can lead to an accident.
I never imagined myself working as flight attendant even though I was envying the stewardesses for their beauty but most of all for their strength of living up there in the sky. I loved to travel and I was dreaming to see the whole world but with my phobia for flying it was an impossible job.

Fighting my fear

Suddenly, one day, I decided to defeat my fear and apply for a cabin crew job. After 8 hours drive to my neighbor country Bulgaria, I found myself in the lobby of a famous hotel, dressed in business attire, with a perfectly arranged hair and a red lipstick, together with other hundred people, waiting to be called for the first real interview of my life. I was shy, doubting myself and not sure if I really wanted the job.

Unexpectedly I managed to succeed in every single challenge of the assessment and I returned home with a new contract, shocking everyone with the choice that I have made.
My parents were suportive and glad to see my excitement but they were worried in the same time. Being their only child have always made them overprotective and now the thought that I will leave my home for a job in the Middle East frightened them. They were forced to face the cruel reality: their kid have become a woman ready to follow her own path in life.

Flying, the safest way of traveling

As I start studying different types of aircrafts, my fear decreased steadily, finding out that every plane has at least one back up plan in case of any technical failure.

Once I start flying I felt in love with my worst nightmare and the plane became my second home, the place where I spend most of the time.
In fact flying remains the safest way of traveling and much more people are losing their lifes every day in silly ways other than plane crashes.

Living my dream

Working in this magical tube made me become not only a flight attendant but also an experienced “fire fighter”, “cop”, “doctor”, “psychologist”, “chef”, “manager” and gave me the confidence to deal with any unexpected situation up in the air but also in my personal life.
So far I visited more than 40 countries of the world, reaching places that I never had the courage to dream about, I met people of every nationality and different levels of education and I learned a lesson from every experience.

Busy schedule, jet lag and difficult flights

I was happy, sad, lonely, tired, disappointed, I had periods when I wanted to leave everything behind and return home, craving to feel loved and protected in my family‘s arms but in fact I never gave up.
I was ready to prove that I am not a spoiled child anymore, that I have the strenght to fight with the obstacles of life and win every time.
Even now after 4 years of flying I still hold a trace of fear in my heart whenever I go for a flight and I never leave the house before reminding my mother how much I love her, just in case…I don’t come back.


  1. Hey Miha. I have to Bring Mr. Vlad from Bran to London and the safest way is to fly.

    So, I have taken some liberty in borrowing few lines from you Story without asking you.

    I hope you would like it and wouldn’t mind when I post my story “Supernatural humor: The Daymares of Mr. Vlad Dracula- Learn to fly baby.

    And of-course with due credit.

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  2. Learning to face ‘fear’ is the hardest thing to do in this world. I’m so glad you didn’t let it stop you from following your heart and travelling/exploring to new places. Safe travels!

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  3. Very impressive, your accomplishments.

    I was an USAF aircraft maintainer, maintaining the navigation and communications equipment. My first two years I worked on cargo aircraft and actually dated an air force flight sttendent. My last years I maintained systems on combat aircraft and finally B-52 and KC-135.

    I never enjoyed flying because I knew the maintainance was sometimes lax.

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    • Thanks for reading it! 😊 I also don’t enjoy flying but I do love my job as it gets me to unexpected places every day. Let’s just hope that engineers are doing their job properly🙂


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