The day you told me…”Stay”

23 May 2015


I was preparing to leave your place when you finally came home. I told you Hi, followed by a quick Goodbye and I opened the door ready to go. You asked me in the next second “Miha, stay with me”.
Surprising even myself, I came back. I told my friends to leave and I promiss that I will follow them once you fall asleep. That night you opened your soul in front of me and I was happy to discover a person with a pure heart, well hidden behind all the appearances of the daily basis.
We talk about our love stories, about problems and dissapoiments, about dreams and happiness.
Then you kissed me, again and again until the sunrise discovered our little secret. I felt asleep in your arms, happy, hoping for this moment to last forever, blaming myself for being so blind before.
I woke up later in the afternoon, thinking that it was just a beautiful dream. But you were there, by my side, holding me close to your chest. I was afraid of your reaction once you would wake up and I didnt know what to do. In that moment you opened your eyes smilling and continued to kiss me. I knew by that time that it wasnt a mistake for any of us.
Next day at work I couldnt forget any of these moments, your sweet kisses were impregnated on the redness of my chin and even the best foundation wouldnt cover it.
We were not sure what is happening between us. We were two friends spending good time together, sharing kisses and smiles. Our souls were stolen already and our toughts would often fly to someone else, even if we were together. But the attraction between us was incontestable and impossible to deny.
I invited you in Hong Kong for a long layover and you accepted it immediately. I was surprised and I didnt believe it until I saw you boarding the plane, smilling. It was that moment when I start falling in love with you.


11 June 2015…
Destination: Hong Kong

We both needed this holiday badly. It was the first time when we had the chance to be together only me and you and our souls started revealing all their secrets. We were decided that at the end of these four days to give a name to our relationship: eighter it would stay a friendship or it will become a real relationship.
Every day spent together made the shades of the past dissapear completely and my choice was so clear: I wanted you and only you!
Prepared and dressed for a real date, every night, we were having dinner in the hotel, holding our hands and talking about the past and the future.
In that moment I felt that you are sure as well: You wanted me!


15 Iune 2015
The day when I lost my friend



I left my friend in Hong Kong that day, coming back with my baby love, the person who won my heart.
We were smilling the whole flight, looking at each other but this time I could feel the happiness invading our hearts. For the first time I was not afraid of anything. You were there next to me, nothing could go wrong.
On the way from the airport to home, your friends were calling asking if we want to join them out. I said that I m tired but its up to you if you want us to go. You rejected their invitation saying “Miha is tired, we are not coming”. I was so happy to feel that I am part of your life and your decision were bassed on two people from now on.
We were taking everything slowly, step by step, building moments and feelings with patience, trying not to rush or push anything. And the most important thing…we never listened what people talked about us because we knew each other more than others did.


19 May 2016
sleeping next to me


One year passed and so many things changed arround us: some friends broke up, others find their love, some of them left, others came in our life.
But one thing didnt change over the time…us.
I am waking up with your smile every morning and I am thanking God for bringing you into my life.
Now I am next to you and by this time you are already in the magic world of the dreams, tired after a long day at work. I am here writing and watching you sleeping. You are my baby, my heart, my everything and there is no better place in the world where I would rather be.


23 May 2016…
One year together and hundred reasons to fall in love with you every day

                    I love…
…your eyes. They are the most precious diamonds for me.
…youe smile in the morning. It is my favorite sunrise.
…our daily kisses before you are living for work. These are the sweetest ones.
…when I open my eyes and I see you next to me. You made me love mornings.
…that you are by my side when I have nightmares. You give me the courage to fight with the monsters of the night.
…to hear you heart beats. That is why I sit so close to your chest.
…when you cook for me even when you put coriander or other spices that I dont like.
…when (or maybe not) you are wasting hours searching for a good movies and by the time you find it we are both sleepy.
…your caresses when I am sleeping but I would like to have it more often (it means I have to sleep more?).
…when you tell everyone nice things about me. Especially that I am cooking the best french fries.
…when you are happy. You happiness is contagious .
…that you have an answer for every question. I find Google useless when I am with you.
…when you guess my mood by the different shades of my eyes. You know me so well.
…when you remind me to smile. Sometimes I can be really serious.
…when you make me small surprises. Even if I never wear it I really love the bracelet from Maldives.
…when you buy strange “robots” for the kitchen. It proves me that you are a responsible man.
…when you are kind with poor people. It reminds me why my heart got stuck with you.
…your energy in the morning but it makes me wonder if you are comming from another Planet.
…when you laugh in your dream and I hope to be part of it.
…that you are part of me. Whenever I have to go I feel half empty.
…when we are spending the weekends at home watching TV, playing games or simply doing nothing.
… but most of all I love when you make me feel loved!

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