Taste of Korea

Korean barbecue its a must try when traveling to the capital Seoul if you are a meat lover or simply want to experience an unique concept of grilling…right in front of you.

Basically you can choose your favorite type of meat and then have it prepared on gas or charcoal grills which are built in the table itself. Don’t forget to wear clothes you don’t mind reeking of smoke!

Another thing to take into consideration is that Korean barbecue its quite expensive, depends on the quality of the place that you are going to choose. 100 gr of raw meat can cost between 20$ and 50$ and you will need more than that to avoid running into the first fast food afterwords.

Additional to your order, you will be served with small side plates to share which include selection of asian pickles, seasoned vegetables, assorted kimchi and garlic for the grill. You can have as much as you like as the refills are free of charge.

Don’t forget to tip your waiter before you leave even if he wasn’t smiling much. In the end he is the one doing all the dirty work (operating the grill, flipping and cutting the meat).

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