Hello Kitty

Pet cafes are an original concept developed mostly in asian countries for the animals lovers who don’t have the time or resources necessary to own a little ball of fur. Great for kids and adults on both side, those cafe are lately winning lot of popularity around the world offering costumers the opportunity of spending few hours in the company of a cute, fluffy friend without worrying about vet bills, grooming appointments or cleaning the hair left on the sofa.

Clean and safe enviroment to pet your favorite animal

I visited myself one of those places in Seoul (the capital of South Korea) and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Even though the negative reviews found on Tripadvisor almost made me cancel my plans, I decided to give it a chance and pay a visit to the Cat cafe located on Myeongdong area. There are several pet cafes in Seoul and the best way to find one its with Google maps, typing pet cafe near me. Be aware that most of the places are opened only in the afternoon, starting with 1 pm.

The Godabang cat cafe that I have chosen its located at the 6th floor of a building, easily to be misses if you don’t pay attention to the small banners places in front of the entrance. Once I reached the door I was asked to change my shoes with the ones provided by the staff and my hands were throughly disinfected with sanitizer in order to prevent the little felines getting in contact with germs from the outside.

Do and don’ts with the cats

After I payed 9 $ entrance fee (including a beverage) I was given the instruction card and briefed how to act around the cats. The spoiled fluffy balls don’t enjoy socializing much, preferring to take a nap while being cuddled by the guests.
The cafe is clean, colorful and organized and it would be impossible not to find your favorite feline in the multitude of cats, laying lazy on the couch or jumping from one table to another.

Myself I am not big fan of cats and I avoided touching them much, after a traumatizing childhood experience when my grandma’s cat would scratch my arms if I would try to cuddle her. But how could you not fall in love with this purrFect feline?

Raccoon cafe, a must try

If dogs and cats don’t keep you entertained enough than you might want to try something more exotic as you don’t get every day the chance to pet a…Raccoon. Yes you read that well! Those playfull, inteliggent animals can be found in Seoul in a cafe place with the same concept.


Definitely a must do for my next trip to Seoul.

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