Adam’s lookout

Amsterdam never disappoints. After countless trips, visiting most of the touristic objectives in and around the city, I decided to cross my boundaries, trying something more exciting, more adventures this time.

Swing over the edge

Would you dare to fly 100 meters above the ground in what is the highest swing in Europe? If I did it, I bet everyone else can do it.

How to reach?

Take the train to Central station and then follow up the sign which direct you to the ferry port.

Board the free boat to Buiksloterweg, trip that last less than 2 minutes and walk towards the highest building that you see. Impossible to miss it!

Pay the basic entrance fee or the one that suites your preference plus the extra tax for the swing (5 euro per minute) and enjoy an unique experience which will raise your adrenaline at maximum odds. You can have lunch in the spinning moon restaurant, served at 12:45 pm but make sure you do it after the swings.

Don’t give up

While waiting in line, lot of emotions will take over you, please ignore it. I was about to faint, scream, run away but none of these really happened.
I was seated on the swing and secured with a tight seat belt by the crew then raised few meters in the air before I realized that is too late to give up. I kept asking myself “what the hell m I doing there?” while a dumb smile froze on my face. The device start swinging back and forward in what was the longest minute of my life. But guess what? Every second worth it!

In the end I left the place with an amazing experience and some funny pictures worth sharing and no doubt I would like to try it again.

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