Taste of Italy

There is no doubt that Italians are the proud owners of one of the most appreciate cuisine in the world. Healthy and tasty in the same time, spiced with Mediterranean herbs carefully selected, the chefs manage to create a real frenzy of flavors using basic ingredients.
(My own recipe in the picture bellow)

What you must know when planning your trip to Italy is that you will have to adjust your dinning schedule to the one of the locals, as most of the restaurants are closed between lunch and dinner.
Late night snack? Forgot about that also…”We are Italians, we dont eat in the night” will be the reply of the room service operator if you dare to call after 10 pm.
Italians they take their food very seriously. Its not just a dish but a piece of art in a plate.
Traditional menus are wider than the rest of the world and include an appetizer, first course, a second course with a side dish and a dessert, the entire culinary experience lasting for two hours or longer.


Start your meal with Summer on toast

The perfect way to capture the fresh flavors of the garden during the summer days is with a bruschetta. This traditional appetizer is made out of chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil, and vinegar served on toasted slices of bread.
Think of it as a summer on toast!

Another delicious appetizer, not so famous in other parts of the world are the Zucchini flowers. Yes you got that well, those blossom are edible and can be cooked in many many ways. Myself I ordered the fried version with mozzarella and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Primi piati

Have the Sea on your plate
This is how your main course begin but not necessary end, being followed by the second piatti. The items in this section are likely to include pasta of all shapes, type and names but not only.
As I am not big fan of pasta and pizza I am going for the fresh mussels cooked in wine. Be aware that my favorite main course is not easy to find and you might need to check the menu displayed outside of the restaurant before choosing to sit in. But getting the feeling of the Sea on your plate worth the effort.
Piazza de Navona in Rome or Piazza del Duomo in Milan…Over the years I became a regular costumer of those places and here is were I go whenever I am craving for fresh delicious mussels.

However, you may want to avoid the touristic areas when it comes to food (everywhere in the world) as the restaurants mostly serve lower quality products and overcharged bills.

Ice cream with style

I skip the Second piatti, trying to leave some space for the best part of Italian menu: the dessert.
And what can go best with a gelato or a delicious Cannoli while in Italy? Yes you got that right…art.
Fontana di Trevi-Rome


At the end of our virtual dinning experience I wont charge you for the cutlery and the table cover but don’t be surprise to find this ridiculous tax on your bill even if you wont use the fork and knife for the pizza or spoil the table sheet.
When in Rome you must do as the romans.


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