My window seat

Working as cabin crew has its advantage…especially when it comes to the view from my flying office.
More than 4 years wandering the Earth and the sky, have left behind some great memories, often captured on my phone. A vulcano eruption, the mesmerizing northern lights, the highest building in the world, the glaciers of Greenland and the stunning pyramids of Egypt are just few of the wonders that can be easily admired from above the sky.

Take off in Abu Dhabi

One of my favorite view its located just outside of my home base airport in Abu Dhabi where the arid desert falls into the charming arms of the sea.

Landing in Maldives

Maldives its a famous holiday destination well known for its luxurious and peaceful resorts spread among more than 1000 islands. Most of them can be seen from the air during final approach culminating with the most exciting part of the flight…the landing, Ibrahim Nasir airport being just a dot in the infinite ocean.

Cruising above Fuji mountain

Fuji its an active vulcano 3776 meters high, located in Japan. It can be seen after take off from Narita airport if not shrouded by the clouds. The Captain’s lens gives a better understanding regarding altitude and coordinates. Another advantage of being a crew…free access to the flight deck.


Why is Greenland never green? Its been said that a viking was the first one to set foot here and gave this land a promising name in order to attract new settlers. Even though Google suggests that Greenland its in fact green during its summer period I must confess that I never seen it so. Nevertheless it is truly mesmerizing even when seen from 40.000 feet above the ground.

Dubai, the jewel of the world

This is the panoramic view of one of the most glamorous city of the world. High skyscrapers, artificial islands and million lights, Dubai never disappoints.

Western Australia

After 12 hours flying above the vast ocean we are about to meet the land and not any land but a colorful one, full of mineral deposits which are responsible with the pinkish shade.


Crystal clear waters and green vegetation, Seychelles has it all. Made out of tree islands that can be easily accessed by plane or boat, Seychelles its the real heaven on Earth.

Mont Blanc

4808 m, the highest mountain in the Alps, covered by snow most of the year. The image says it all.

The pyramids of Giza

A picture taken from the cockpit during landing on my first flight as cabin crew. Not so clear being the fact that we were still using Iphone 4 at that time.



My favorite city in Asia welcomes the tourists with unexpected beauty even before they step foot on Singaporean land. Leave your chewing gum and cigarettes in the plane to avoid getting a fine upon arrival.


Island of Greece famous in present for it’s nightlife and summer’s parties had a lot more significance in the past, supposedly being the place where the battle between omnipotent Zeus and the fearful Titans took place.
The view from my office?

Crew, take your seats for landing in Italy

The gears are extended for landing…one of the most critical phase of the flight which requires lot of concentration from pilots and cabin crew on both side. The credit goes to my mother which seems to share my passion for photography and managed to capture the plane shadow for me.


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