Lost in Space

Singapore is known as the garden city, a place where natural and man made wonders continue to surprise you at every step. But not many people know that an entire galaxy is hidden right in the middle of the most visited area, Marina Bay Sands.

Art and science

A lotus inspired building is hosting the Art science museum which main aim is to bring art, science, culture and technology together creating a magic world where your own drawings and imaginary characters can come to life in a matter of seconds.

The ideal place for children but not only, here is where the future is created.

“There is only one difference between art and science. In science, the Universe its in control. In Art, you are.”
The main attraction of the museum is by far the room of lights and mirrors which create the illusion of an infinite galaxy where every visitor has the chance to choose his desired game of colors from an Ipad provided by the staff.
Lately, this spot became very popular for instagramers who try their best to impress their followers with a picture “out of this world”.


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