Live a life time adventure in a luxury tour around Riviera Maya

Unlike the modern people, Maya population had a great understanding of the importance that nature holds in humans life and would inhabit only places where energy had a special vibratory level.

The ruins of one of the most controversial civilization of Mesoamerica can be visited nowadays in Tulum, a small town located in Yucatan peninsula, the only mayan settlement ever built on a coast.
We invite you to discover the secrets of Mayans in a fun, recreational tour based on sustainability, preserving not only the architectural treasure left behind by this antique civilization but also the animals and birds who are now populating the site.

Full day luxury tour

9:00 am:Pick up from the hotel
9:30 am: Tulum ruins…a introduction in the maya lifestyle, mysticism and culture.
Here you will be able to visit well preserved constructions, understand the importance of astrology in mayan world and discover the enigma which lead to the disappearance of an advanced civilization.

Also you will get in touch with flora and fauna of the place, discover new species of animals like the coati, a native member of the raccoon family, sunbathing iguanas and exotic species of birds.

We will end up the visit with a fun photo session, offering you the possibility of immortalizing a great chapter of history not only in your memory but also on your photo cameras.

12:00: Refresh yourself in some of the most fascinating Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula!
You will swim through caves, in what is considered to be the longest underground water system of the world, find out more about the complex process that leads to formation of a cenote, the mysticism behind Maya’s belief and enjoy a snorkeling lesson to get you ready to explore unbelievable underwater landscapes.

What is a cenote?

A cenote its basically a sinkwhole created where a cave ceiling has collapsed, a window to a new spectacular world. The water of cenote is crystal clear, doesn’t contain salt and its believed to have been used by the ancient mayans for sacrificial offerings.

In our tour you will get the chance to visit two of the most beautiful cenotes in Tulum area, swim in refreshing waters and learn how to preserve those wonders of the world for the new generations.

15:00: Curious to meet and interact with a native maya?
Now you have the unique possibility of getting in touch with their traditions, culture, way of living, plants, food, music, clothes… the experience you are looking for!

The visit includes:

WELCOMING at the Mayan Community with a Mayan Ceremony, held by the father of the family
•Explanation of the Mayan Counting and Calendar, connected to the phases of agriculture
•Walk through the botanical garden and edible orchard, with an explanation of the typical plants of the area
• “Mayan Meliponario”, hives of the Melipona bee, the unique and friendly bee of the area: will be shown to us how these bees build they’re hive, and we’ll have the fortune to try they’re fresh medicinal honey
• Small demonstration of Mayan music and dance, with the father and children of the community, in their traditional clothes
• “PIIP” traditional Mayan food cooked in the underground, a delight now very rare to find!
• Little market with traditional Mayan clothes, accessories, and other products from the community..
• Time to share your experience with the members of the community.

18:00: End up the day in one of the most iconic hotels of Tulum, Azulik, where you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail on the roof top nest while watching the beautiful sun settling down above the Yucatan jungle. Don’t miss the exciting experience of walking on the suspended bridges that connects the Caribbean sea with the jungle of Tulum.

Time to say Goodbye!

As all good things must come to an end its now time to say goodbye, hoping that we enriched your mind with knowledge and filled your soul with positive energy and love for the beautiful nature that surrounds us.

Half day economic tour

Live the same unique experience in a half day tour, including:
•pick up and drop off to the hotel
•unbelievable Tulum ruins
•snorkeling on a reef
•swimming in the cenotes
•healthy lunch


Who are we?

**We are an eco friendly travel agency based in Tulum, offering private/group tours focused on sustainable, recreational and educational tourism for people all around the Globe who are interested to experience a life time adventure keeping in mind the importance that environment holds in our life and trying to preserve the treasures that Mother nature gifted us.

The tours can be tailored as for your preference, creating a trip that suites you, your own itinerary taking into consideration your style, taste and budget.

At Ecoculture we don’t look for costumers but for friends and we are ready to offer you the most fulfilling experience in a land so rich in culture, traditions and unbelievable landscapes.

For more informations and prices you can contact us on instagram at Ecoculturexperiences or through our website


  1. I’ve visited Mexico, particularly this area and totally loved it. This itinerary is a great way to explore this beautiful place. Pictures are fantastic. Love your work Michaela.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great adventure miha. You went there again?

    As usual your way of describing the beauty of that place is amazing coupled with beautiful images.
    Great going.

    And I wanted to double like it because it is Maya.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You should plan your next adventure in Mexico because its an incredible country…i am in love with it and whenever i go back i discover more and more incredible things…

      And beside that I can give u some great tips 🤗


      • I definately will. I have never been a travelling person. But there at least 6 places where I would like to visit and Mexico is one of them. As I have proclaimed my love for older civilizations I do it again.

        And yes getting tips from you. That would be great.

        Liked by 1 person

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