Bacalar, the lagoon of seven colors

Pueblo mágico of Bacalar is one of the 111 magic towns of Mexico, located near the Belize border and separated from the Caribbean sea only by one tiny strip of land.

A hidden gem of Yucatan Peninsula

I arrived in Bacalar late in the afternoon, planning to spend 3 days in a location considered a gem of nature and history by the locals but less familiar to the foreign tourists who normally end up their trip to Riviera maya in the neighbor town of Tulum.

I would have missed this heaven colored in 7 different shades of blue if my friend from with all the beautiful trips on the Mexican land would have not insisted for me to go. Unfortunately, Bacalar is lacking advertisement and most of the time is well hidden in the brochures of the travel agencies, thats why is very important to choose a company interested in promoting the natural treasures less known to the foreigners instead of comercial places so easy to access on your own.

Road trip throughout the jungle

The drive from Tulum to Bacalar took approximately 2 hours and a half but it was entertaining and fun, with few stops on the way either for buying refreshments for the trip (corn, fresh pineapple and coconut water) from the local merchants or everytime when a small creature decided to pass the road from one side of the jungle to another.

Sunset in Bacalar

We reached Bacalar during the twilight and the multiple colors were now rising up from the lagoon and settle down on the sky above us.

The day is not over yet and trying to take advantage of the short time left before the dark and the gentle breeze outside we jump in the first sailing boat available, admiring the sky caught in fire, lost in a deep silence, while every breath and every heart beat is vibrating in the same rhythm with the nature.

7 shades of beauty

Early in the morning I run towards the lagoon located just in front of the hotel to see with my own eyes the marvelous colors that make this place so magical. Crystal clear waters morphing into shades of turquoise, blue and indigo like a beautiful ribbon amid the coastal jungle and the mangroves of Yucatan Peninsula, an oasis of indescriptible beauty.

The best way to visit the lagoon is by canoe and even though I was a little bit sceptic and afraid in the beginning I decided to face my fears and adventure myself in the depths of the lagoon.

Lunch in La playita

Looking for a place to eat, we came across “La playita” a vegetarian restaurant with a rustic Caribbean charm which offers a wide variety of delicious dishes and an unbelievable view over the lagoon.

We are breathing beauty through all the pores and this photoshoot could have last forever if an unexpected guest would have not threaten our lunch. Rushing towards the table we devour with grid our delicious food, not forgetting about the little friend who is watching us with its big green eyes begging for some treats.

The pirates favorite place

The last stop before departure its the fort of San Felipe, built by the Spanish conquistadores in a desperate attempt of fighting against pirates invasion and rebellion of the indigenous people. Apparently Bacalar is not only preferred by the tourists but also by the pirates who used to hang around here and hide their treasures in the neighboring cave.
What do you think about this place? Would you like to experience the magical Paradise colored in 7 shades of blue?
If you liked my travel experience and my photoshoot session contact @Ecoculturexperiences on instagram and book your trip to Mexico or message me for travel advice.


  1. I never liked travelling. But I swear on God( if there is any), That whenever I read your blog I feel like stepping out of my house in search of some adventure. Kudos.

    And lovely pictures as always.

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