S.O.S turtles in danger!

What have started like a regular day on the beach was about to become a moment to remember, witnessing the rescue of two sea turtles found in critical condition by the Life guards responsible for Saadyat beach in Abu dhabi.

The Hawksbill turtle it’s an endangered specie highly affected by the ocean’s pollution and what was an unique encounter for me it seemed to be a daily routine for the beach keepers.
They immediately took action by placing the weak turtles in bowels with salty water and removed the dirt that covered their shells, a desperate attempt of first aid until the institute specialized in conservation of the sea turtles took over offering the little creatures treatment, care…and a chance to life.
Once fully recovered the sea turtles will be safely returned to their natural habitat.

Saadyat beach it’s involved not only in their salvation but also in creating a safe environment where the Hawksbill turtles can build nests and deposit their eggs.
The natural dunes occupy an important role in this process that’s why its conservation is vital, the access to the beach being restricted through specially created boardwalks which allows people to cross over the dunes without damaging them.

Well done Abu Dhabi!

Unfortunately in the past few years, the turtles population was affected by the over exploitation of their eggs, meat, shells and the climate change that has a negative impact on the nesting sites.
Are you taking responsibility in protecting the oceans and eliminating the noxious factors that lead to the destruction of these ancient mariners?

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