Nusa penida, the island of my dreams-day II

Good morning sunshine

I am woken up by the morning sun gently touching my face through the curtains of the hotel room and I am ready to get up early and start a new day full of adventure.
Even though my body ache from the previous trip and all I wish it’s few more minutes of sleep, the view of sunrise trying to win the battle with the clouds makes me jump out of bed, decided to fight my tiredness, same how the light is fighting the darkness.

This time I am planning to visit the south eastern part of the island, where places like Diamond and Atoh Beach became world wide famous for their heavenly landscapes and crystalline waters.
Like I mentioned in my previous travel story (Nusa Penida-part I) the island is big and there are no cars available apart from a few tour companies trucks, the best way of moving around being by motorbike.

Afternoon rain

I am becoming anxious when a storm arises out of nowhere threatening my entire plan for the day ahead, forcing us to seek shelter in one of the restaurants located by the side of the road. Fortunately it doesn’t last for long and in less than an hour the dark clouds are pushed aside leaving behind a clear, blue sky.
We follow the narrow path indicated by the offline map and without difficulty we reach our final destination. A beautiful rock thrown in the middle of the ocean is separating the two most popular beaches of the island: Atoh and Diamond.

Atoh beach

The tide is high right now and the waves are restless, making swimming difficult. I wouldn’t adventure myself as an amateur swimmer but I can’t miss the opportunity of capturing few pictures of this piece of Heaven.

Everything seems surreal like a beautiful lost paradise but the actual jewelry is located on the other side of the rock. I am decided to climb up and down the hundreds stairs ignoring the burning sun and early signs of dehydration. I am on my way to Paradise and nothing can stand on my way right now.

Diamond beach

There it is…with its diamond shaped rocks shining in the sun, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

The climbing is not over yet and it becomes more and more difficult every time, a wrong step could easily lead to severe injury or even dead. There are areas where you need to hang on to a rope to get down and flip flops or high hells are totally not advisable. Yes…we all want to look beautiful and sexy, ready to take over Instagram and capture attention of our followers but safety should be seriously taken into consideration. You look so much prettier alive!

Swing to the sun and back

The swing it’s undoubtedly a powerful symbol of the island and a must try during your holiday. Even though I tried to avoid this popular attraction in Bali due to the safety concerns I ended up doing it and loving it.
Another picture that shouldn’t miss from your travel gallery is one of the many nests strategically placed on the island. The access to the nest is made through a suspended ladder and again caution must be taken.

We are finally down on the beach and my excitement grows even more. Sun, waves and palm trees…I found my place in Paradise.

Good night Sun

Its almost sunset time and I wish to end up the day by showing my gratitude to the Sun, responsible for an incredible day full of color and warmth.
We are connected by love and love it’s all we need.


  1. Very cool post Mihaela!
    I really feel excited about going to this island, it’s a paradise!
    Loved your picture on the rock taking a shower haha 😜


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