Meet true love at Husky cafe in Bangkok

Are you a dog lover or you just want to spend an entire hour surronded by furry friends and unconditional love? I got the perfect place for you.

The only Husky Cafe in the world

The Thai capital, Bangkok is known as a sin city where absolutely everything is permited and restrictions do not apply when it comes to fun. However, not many know that the famous metropolis has so much more to offer other than party, cheap alcohol and good massage.

Located in the heart of the city, TrueLove@Neverland or better known as Husky cafe is home for more than 34 beautiful dogs, well cared for and ready to spread hugs for those looking for a meaningful stopover in Asia.
The furry cafe is opened daily from 1-4 pm PM, however only 2 shows are performed, one in the beginning, one in the end of the program and attending it it’s a must if you want to enjoy the full experience.

After paying the entrance fee of 500 THB in the local currency (aprox 16 USD or 14 euro) I recived a ticket including 2 welcome drinks and a pair of disposable shocks which will replace my shoes once I get in the playground, together with a private questionnaire. Why? Because the health and safety of the dogs are seriously taken into consideration.

Before entering the playground we were asked to change our shoes, wash and sanitize the hands and watch a funny 5 minutes video getting to know better our future friends.
We were also pleased to discover than in between the huskies are hidden few other breeds like huge English sheepdogs (mountains of lazy fur bumping into you at every step), Australianshepherds and my favorite of them all, a littleshih tzu, Momo, which is also the leader of the pack.

Who said the size metter?

Do and Don’t

Dogos love treats but you need to follow one simple rule: DO NOT feed them anything as this my interfere with their diet. The staff will be giving them ice chips, carrots and extra treats if they pose nicely for the visitors and guess who is crazy about snacks?

What impressed me the most about the whole experience was the clean environment in which those dogs live, being surrounded by love and a personal care taker responsible to collect their poop. Please don’t mess up with their babies, donot chase them or force them to do things they don’t like as they are considered as part of the family.
Oh! And do not get offended if one of them try to relief himself on your leg… this is how they mark their territory and it’s clear now you are part of it.

Like in any other family, misunderstandingmight arise and the doggies might get aggressive with each other but that’s the time when the care takers step in ensuring the little ones don’t end up the day mad at each other.

It’s show time

The play time is over and while we say goodbye to our cute friends, they are getting ready for an unforgettable moment, reminding us of their siberian origins.

Set your camera on slow motion and enjoy the show!

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