The shittiest most expensive coffee

Bali is famous for many things but one could have never imagined that the beautiful island is the producer of the most expensive and delicious coffee in the world.

Coffee plantation in Bali

As a coffee addict, my holiday in Bali would have not been complete without tasting the world recognized Kopi Luwak and find out the secrets behind its eccentric flavor.
My first visit to one of the island’s coffee plantations is about to change my idea entirely about how the coffee is grown, harvest and transformed into the final product as here the things seems to be done a bit different.

Harvested from the poop of a civet

The one responsible with the exclusive flavor of Kopi Luwak it’s a furry civet (mammal native to tropical Asia) who, after eating and digesting the red coffee berries, will poop out the beans that will be washed and brewed as normal.

The final result? Coffee worth 100$-600$ per kilo, considered the most expensive coffee in the world.
Now… thats what I call some expensive shit.

Wild animals forced into cages for business purposes

Unfortunately the Kopi Luwak huge demand on the international market made the free wild animals to be captured, put in cages and transformed in lively coffee machines while some of the “lucky” ones are used as pets for the tourists eager to pay for a picture.

Coffee time

At the coffee plantation I got the chance to assist to the entire production process finalized with a delicious cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Kopi Luwak didn’t impressed me as much as I expected but even the “shittiest” coffee can become a real delight surrounded by a heavenly landscape and a good company. And the best thing is that here the most expensive coffee in the world is offered free of charge.


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