Boxing day in PHUKET

In 2004 Thailand was hit by the most devastating tsunami in the country’s history. More than 220.000 people died in the 14 countries affected, the tragedy being known as the Boxing day tsunami.
By chance, I visited Phuket twice during the Boxing day, in 2014 and in 2019 and I have to admit that every time I was looking towards the ocean with fear, every gust of wind making me wondered “is it going to happen again?”

More than 10 years later, the locals still remember the devastating event and the hotels located near by the ocean have built special escape routes to be used in case of tsunami. Scary but necessary.

Phuket is one of the most famous travel destination of Thailand and having the chance to be here during Christmas is a real blessing, therefor I wont let the dark thoughts of the past to keep me locked inside of my hotel room, even though the resort we stay in is heavenly.

Airplanes hunter

As flight attendant I get to spend most of my time in the planes and you will be surprised to find out that in my days off I dont miss any chance of being close by the gigantic birds as well. Working in aviation it’s definitely a passion and not a job.
The airport is located near by the hotel and like a real travel addict I am fighting the strong sun of the afternoon searching for the perfect place to spot the aircrafts landing.

Like me, other hundred tourists are waiting to capture an unique picture and I am determined not to leave this place without an exotic Christmas souvenir.

The view is absolutely fabulous and the adrenaline is raised at maximum levels whenever an airplane is taking off or landing, leaving behind a real sand storm.
Exhausted, I am trying to find an alternative way of returning to the hotel, the 50 minutes walk by the beach being totally excluded from my plan.
After bargaining a fair price with a local driver I jump in his tuc tuc, enjoying my coconut water and the beautiful landscape.

Lunch before departure

If you visit Thailand one thing is certain… you will return home completely in love with the Thai cuisine and the fusion of exotic flavors. The food is absolutely delicious and really cheap, one dish costing aproximately 3-4$.



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