Below Moscow

The russian capital it’s one of the most impressive cities I have ever visited due to its history, imposing architecture and the well developed taste of locals for beauty in all its forms.

Beauty it’s commonly associated with richness while places frecvented by the poors are often forgotten. Subway systems are the best example in this sense and while other countries are fighting a never ending war against underground crimes (drug trade, pickpockets or begging), Moscow transforms her metro stations in a heritage museum which fascinates the entire world.

Russia it’s home to a rich cultural heritage but the most impressive one lies in the underground, 44 unique metro station transformed in luxurious palaces, decorated with paintings, statues, stained glass and even chandeliers.

Komsomolskaya Metro Station opened in 1952

Commuting to the underworld labyrinth filled with treasures can be simply done by purchasing a ticket in any of the metro stations around the city. Follow the signs and the map to reach your desired station and do not get fooled by the “We speak english” signs displayed on the information desk nor waste your time trying to get directions from a local, unless you speak russian.

My only stop was at the famous Komsomolskaya Metro Station and while I was staring at the walls, admiring the opulent architecture, thousands passers by were rushing towards work, unimpressed or maybe too used with this marvel. A chubby cleaner that reminds me of our own romanian communist ladies is continuously sweeping the stairs and seems to be bothered by the tourists taking pictures. A russian man with red cheeks (who probably started his day with a bit more than a shot of. vodka) is approaching us trying to get in the picture but losing his ballance falls, mopping the stairs with his jeans under the angry looks of the lady.

Pressed by the time, I decide to return to the hotel and preparare for my flight but not before of passing by the famous Red square, one of my favorite places of the capital city.

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