Aloha Hawaii

Hawaii…a far, far away island, a dream that I never imagined it will become reality.

If someone would have told me that I am going to start my honeymoon in Hawaii I would have called them crazy. A tiny island in the totally opposite side of the world, an almost invisible dot on the Globe’s map, a Paradise so far away from home, how impossible sounds that?

Well, pretty difficult I must admit but after 3 flights and almost 24 hrs spent in the air we have finally touched down in the largest and most famous city of Hawaii, Honolulu. Dreams do become really, all you need to do is…fly!

How to get to Hawaii

To reach Hawaii it is an adventure by itself, especially if you live on any continent other than America. Me and my husband have traveled from Abu Dhabi to Doha (1hr) and then to L.A (16hrs flight), where we have spend the night and fought the jetlag produced by the huge time difference (12 hours between United Arab Emirates and Los Angeles). The next morning we caught a 4 hrs flight over the Pacific Ocean, adding two additional hours difference to our already alterated body clock.

Qatar Airways flight Doha-Lax

Exhausted, hungry, sweaty but eager to discover the Polynesian Paradise in just 4 days. ALOHA Hawaii!

Experiencing flying with the best airlines in the world

During our one month trip we have traveled mostly on business class, a real blessing especially for the ultra long flights to and from USA. Being a flight attendant has its advantages, while regular costumers would pay a fortune for a business class ticket between continents, we have purchased our tickets with 90% staff discount. Basically we have paid the equivalent of an Economy class ticket for a luxurious travel experience.

Newly Airbus 350 suite on Qatar Airways
Luxury breakfast in the sky

Being served by two Chefs in Turkish Airline flight, being offered pajamas with Mondial 2022 logo in Qatar Airways, delicious food and free flow of champagne…I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon.

One of the chefs in Turkish Airline flight

Aloha Hawaii!

The first thing that made me fall in love with Hawaii was their national airline, Hawaiian airlines. For a flight attendant traveling on standby tickets to have no issue getting into a flight it’s a great reward and a money saver, without a doubt the only few hundreds bucks that I managed to save during the short stay in Hawaii.

If you thought Dubai it’s expensive you clearly haven’t visited Hawaii yet.

Traditional hawaiian music played during boarding, air hostesses wearing flowers on their hair, the delicious hawaiian cookies served on board and the surreal view during final approach…Hawaii, you won my heart even before stepping on the island.

Hawaii, a spontaneous decision

Our Hawaii trip wasn’t planned well in advance, it was more of a spontaneous decision (who else is planning a spontaneous honeymoon?) therefore my knowledge about the island, (well…about the islands how I was about to find out later on) was almost zero.

What I mean by that? First of all my entire life I believed that Hawaii it’s a tiny island isolated somewhere in the Pacific with the capital in Honolulu and populated by aboriginal Polynesian, half naked and dancing Hula on the beach.

Little did I know that actually Hawaii even though an archipelago it’s considered the 50th and the most expensive state of USA being utterly modern and civilized. It consists not of a sole island but hundreds. While most of the islands are uninhabited, eight of them are worldwide famous due to their beauty and diversity and a must for any traveler who has the courage to travel all the way here.

Hawaii’s beauty it’s so surreal and unrealistic, almost out of this world, reason why many famous movies including Jurassic Park and Kong were filmed here.

For you to be totally prepared for your unique holiday in Hawaii and avoid some of my mistakes I have created a traveler guide of DO and DON’Ts.

Stay tuned!


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