Letter for a friend

Before I came to Abu dhabi, exactly 4  years ago, this little guy was my friend. Everyday he would just come outside the window and look at me throughout the glass.
I made a habit in feeding him so he would return every day. I cant imagine his disappointment when, one day he came for his daily food but nobody was there anymore.
My poor little bird, I keep wondering what has become of you?
I wish you can just fly away and find me here in this warm beautiful country, far away from the grey communist buildings and the grey sky of the winter. Even though, every place has his disadvantage, and here you would be probably starving or just hit up with a stone by the naughty kids who are rarely teached to respect a tiny creature like you.
My dear friend I hope you found someone who is looking after you the same way I did.

Flying to the fairy land

Its such an amazing feeling to live in a hot country when other parts of the world are freezing cold…

When I was little I’ve been told that even birds are running from the winter, migrating to the “warm countries” but at that time I thought “warm countries” represent a fairy land and not a real place on the map. My parents and teachers never named those places maybe not to destroy the mysticism or simply because they never asked themselves this question: “Where are the warm countries?” Few days ago I asked my mother: “Mom did you ever wonder where the birds migrates for winter?” After few moments of deep thoughts she answered me dry “No, they never told us”.
Almost 30 years of my life I ignored this matter myself, being too busy or to careless to find an answer. Every October I observed the number of pigeons multiplying on the beaches and streets of Abu Dhabi and I even heard stories of magical pink flamingos wandering the desert.
I am blessed to live in the fairy land of the warm countries where hundred species of birds find their refuge every winter.
Sharing my little friends antipatie for rainy, cloudy days I find myself relaxing under the gentle sun of November with no desire to return to my cold, grey country, Romania.