Cusco and the failed Shaman experience

Our short flight from the capital Lima just landed in Cusco where we are greeted by a totally unfriendly weather with heavy rain and wind and by the invisible enemy called high altitude which will constantly remind us that breathing might require more concentration and effort than before.

Coca leaves

The touristic town of Cusco is located 3400 meters above the sea level where the air is thinner and the pressure low, making not only each breath more difficult but draining the last drop of energy from our body when doing simple activities like walking or talking. Even locals seems to encounter similar symptoms related to the altitude being always tired and breathing heavily reason why they are restlessly chewing Coca leaves, a natural medicine which fight against the altitude sickness.

As you might have guessed already, Coca leaves are the raw material used to produce the drug Cocaine and while the hallucinogen powder is illegal everywhere in the world, the Coca leaves remain the most wide spread medicine and herbal tea in the Andes region, totally safe and…legal.
This being said, in the airport next to the carrousel bag a big basket of Coca leaves is inviting the tourists to taste the bitter plant (3 leaves for free) and even if I am not fan of weird “experiences” I grab the complimentary plant before I would have changed my mind. I am waiting patiently for my brain to go in a state of hallucination ready to meet the dragons and flying monsters deep hidden inside of my head but after few minutes I realize that none of this is ever going to happen.

Same as I mentioned before, Coca leaf is not a drug but a medicine used to suppress hunger, thirst, fatigue, pain and overcome altitude sickness. It can be found raw, as main ingredient of caramels and candies or as capsules in pharmacies. However you decide to try it don’t forget that Coca is prohibited outside of Peru and taking it to your home country might put you in serious trouble. Beside that, if you have a job which require periodically drug tests (aviation, army, police) you might want to stop the Coca ingestion at least 36 hours prior your duty as it might mark you positive for drugs. Explanation as “I just got back from Peru where Coca is legal” wont help you much.

Cusco is nothing compared to the beautiful capital of Peru, Lima, but a small town in the mountainous region of the Andes, very popular for the tourists interested in ancient history and backpackers hiking the difficult terrains, all of them chasing the same goal…to explore one of the most beautiful wonders of the modern world…Machu Pichu.
The altitude continue to trouble us even if we had the wrong idea that working as cabin crew would help our body to adapt much easier with the low air pressure so we decide to spend first and last day of our trip in Cusco, experiencing the andean cuisine and the esoteric rituals so famous in this part of the world.
The travel brochures advice no heavy meals and no alcohol and trying to follow strictly the instructions we choose an organic restaurant recommended by a colleague Chef and well rated on trip advisor: Organika.

5 stars restaurant for 2 stars bill

The restaurant does’t impress by its design and our first thought was that we are in the wrong place but once the plates were brought to our table we didn’t regret the choice we’ve made.

The food was not only healthy but absolutely delicious and plated with passion and attention for details by the 5 chefs who were working together in the open kitchen. Beautiful edible flowers were used to decorate the meals making it even more appealing to the guests. Faced with the entire frenzy of taste and colors we couldn’t resist the temptation of pairing our main course with a glass of Cusquena, one of Peru’s most popular beer. Travelers vs Altitude sickness 1-0.

**Quinoa salad, Grilled fish with sweet potatoes, Warm chocolate tart with raspberry sorbet.

The girl in charge with our table noticed the delight on our face and suggested that we should try their newly open restaurant “Rucula” based on same concept of delicious organic food meticulously selected by their chefs. And that was definitely a great choice for dinner. Best food quality in a casual environment and affordable prices (20 euro for 2 persons), all that we need after a failed shaman experience.

** Shrimps and avocado salad, Carpaccio, Lasagna and Carrot cake.


Now we are going to enter into the “dark” details of our trip and if you are not into esoteric, spiritual stuff you better stop reading like now.

Chasing the coca ritual

My friend G. came up with the weird idea of reading our future in Coca leaves (thats how I found out another benefit not so well know of the Coca) and I knew that whatever argument I will bring against it she wouldn’t change her mind so I decide to follow up with the plan. Like the Tarot and other similar scams, this art is not normally practiced in plain street view but having no clue where to find a proper fortune teller we started by asking every street vendor for details. This is how we end up in a bad famed neighborhood of Cusco called Calle Nueva (New street) full of beggars and people engaged in doubtful activities.
We were about to give up and leave when we noticed a tiny old lady displaying a bag of Coca leaves and some playing cards on a street corner. “There she is” we thought full of excitement while giggling and waiting impatiently for the old lady to finish the casserole of rice served for lunch. We approached her confidently, greeting her in Spanish, well aware that English wont be familiar to a person of her age. Surprisingly she wasn’t speaking Spanish also and the only way to communicate with our fortune teller was in Quechua (the Inca language spoken only by 25% of Peru population). Its time to give up, said my friend never and while we continue our journey on the obscure streets of Calle Nueva we decide to involve the new technology in search of old habits.
After a detailed research on Google we found ourselves ringing the bell of one of the most popular Shaman house in Cusco, willing to pay the 100$ tax for an accurate reading of our future. The website advertise professional expertise of one’s life from a real Shaman plus translator from Quechua to English so why not to try?

Do not fall in the trap of fake shamans

The whole ritual was a total scam from the beginning to the end. We were invited to enter the “consultation room” one by one and while G. entered first I continued my research online still questioning the veracity of their prophecies.
When my turn came, I entered the big room simple decorated with an old rug in the center while the Shaman wearing a funny colorful hat and a poncho was waiting for me.

(Google picture from the same place just for you to have an idea what I am talking about when I mention “funny” clothes)

He immediately start invoking his ancestors or bullshiting something in Quechua which was totally incompressible to me. The lady who was assisting him was responsible with the translation but it looked like she didn’t pass the basic English test at school (if she ever attended one). The Shaman was keep blowing on his leaves “A ver, A ver” (let’s see, let’s see) was whispering the whole time but either the Coca leaves were deaf or the Shaman an impostor because nothing of what he tried to guess didn’t apply to my current life situation.
When I was about to lose my faith in the Shaman magical powers (which I never had in the first place) the floor start shaking violently under me and I thought “that’s the end of this story…some ugly demons will come out of the floor ready to punish me for my skepticism”. Fortunately it was just an earthquake so common in this region as Peru is located in a seismic zone between Nazca and South America tectonic plates and little tremors can happen on daily basis.
In the end, the Shaman tried to convince me that I have some issue with the Chakras located on my stomach which require an urgent healing session. I said “No thank you, I like my stomach the way it is” and I rushed to the entrance door ready to leave this charlatan behind, angry and with few dollars gap in my budget.

**Making some extra money with overpriced clothing

Surprisingly….or not…my friend was all excited and convinced that she needs a new ritual meant to cure her life of bad luck and negativity, performed on another floor by the same “gifted” Shamans.
Pachamama or the Mother earth ritual is performed every year on early August (but doesn’t matter for our experienced Shamans that we are only few months earlier-March) and basically represent the concept of giving back to Earth whatever we took from it. Different offerings are blessed and buried in order to show the gratitude and obtain even more goodies in the future. The whole ritual was performed under the close supervision of a stuffed Alpaca which made the whole situation even more hilarious.

Ayahuasca retreat

I thanked God when we finally finished the whole masquerade but rushing to the exit I bumped into two young men who just finished the so told “Ayahuasca retreat”, looking a little high and having a weird glow in their eyes.
The ceremony involves drinking the hallucinatory mix of plants under the guidance of a Shaman and expect a whole new set of feelings which are unique and personal for each and everyone.
Some people describe it as an out of body experience, indescribable happiness, encounter with the divine while others more unlucky never come back alive from this journey.
Whoever have the curiosity/courage to experience the “wisdom plant” must know that this is a truly life changing and transformative experience which require a serious process of purification through fasting, deep cleaning and a trustworthy Shaman.

Around the city

Outside, the life continues its normal cycle: locals trying to sell their handicraft, tourists gathering on the tiny streets, colorful decorated Alpacas waiting patiently their moment of glory.
And for us its just the right time to explore some of the beautiful architecture left behind by the Spanish conquistadors laughing about our failed experience with the fake shamans and trying to plan a better handling of our savings for the future.

Dream and nightmare in Santorini

Our ferry its about to make its final stop in Thira, Santorini and hundred passengers are waiting inpatient to reach the main port of the beautiful island. The crowed stacked in pairs and holding hands in front of the huge iron gate takes me back in the past to the Noah’s legend and his ark where million species saved from the devastating fload are brought safe to the shore. Among them its also us, the happy survivors of 3 days in Mykonos, the island where the party never stops.

Oia the pearl of Santorini

The road to Oia is quite long and we are trying to kill the time “admiring” the view out of the bus window: narrow streets, arid earth and fragil enviroment…nothing of the beauty displayed on the pages of touristic magazines. I can read a trace of disappointment on Abdulla’s face and even if my heart is shrouded in fear I am trying to raise his morale “come on babe its gonna be alright”.

After more than one hour, the driver stops us in front of a white pedestrian street pointing in the direction of our hotel “Kima villas suite”. I cant see it just yet being stolen by the beautiful scenery of white and blue constructions “carved” meticulously above the sea.

Hypnotized by the divine canvas depicted in shades azure, levitating on the stairs below me, I am woken up by a stranger voice…”Kalimera (good morning!), welcome to Santorini”.
A bottle of chilled champagne and fresh grapes placed in front of our door are responsible for our good mood and the tiredness is immediately replaced by a state of excitement, having no doubt that we are going to enjoy our short stay.

The hotel location is so perfect that we could have spend the rest of the day stucked in bed or relaxing in the tiny pool, dreaming about the lost Atlantis or mythological stories meant to describe the mysterious charm of the volcanic paradise.

The legend of the lost Atlantis

While nowadays geologists studies confirmes that Santorini is the result of a natural volcanic eruption, the ancient Greeks used to give a more meaningful explanation for a phenomen inexplicable to humans at that time. According to them, Santorini was created out of a miracle when Euphemus (son of Poseidon) coming back from an expedition by the sea, dreamed of making love to a nymph, the daughter of Triton (the sea God). The nymph got pregnant and advised Euphmus that throwing a clod of earth in the open sea would create a safe place for giving birth, far away from her infuriated father. The island was named Calliste meaning “the most beautiful” while their son was named Theras (from where the place got its name later on as Thera).
The island gained even more popularity after being related to the most mysterious and well known myth, the lost Atlantis. Atlantis was first mentioned in a book by the greek philosopher, Plato, being said that God punished the Atlantians for their arrogance, vanishing their island in one night leaving behind only masses of mud.

The best sunset in the world

Another story claims that Santorini has the best sunset in the world and determined to find its veracity we join the hundred other curious tourists spread all around the cliffs, waiting for the perfect shot. The inevitable happens and I lose Abdulla in the crowed, too focused on chasing the orange sun which is about to settle behind the volcanic rocks.

After a long search I return to the hotel alone, asking the receptionist for a second key, admitting with shame to have lost my boyfriend in what was supose to be a romantic evening. Abdulla is relieved to find me safe in the hotel room and we celebrate our encounter with a late dinner and a bottle of greek wine.
Food in Greece didn’t impress me much and after trying a large variety of local food in the authentic tavernas, I got stuck with the same choice every day: greek salad and grilled fish, always shared with the fluffy guests around the table.

Second day: Abdulla experinced food poisoning

Next day in the morning we are supposed to go on a boat trip around the island but our plans are canceled when Abdulla experience severe stomach ache.
Georgia, the hotel receptionist is preparing a delicious breakfast for us and even if my baby is scared to touch any food, he cant say “no” to the delicious home made croissants and muffins. Every morning, Georgia is baking different cookies and breads and sets up the outside table for a memorable culinary experience with a paradisiac view.

In great pain and with no energy, my baby doesn’t want to ruin our stay in one of the most beautiful places in the world being ready to endure the heat from outside to accomplish my wish: the famous donkey ride on the Santorini hills.
We stop time to time on the way, admiring the surroundings and trying to immortalize the ireal beauty on our photo camera. White buildings with blue cupolas and tiny windows are attached together on the vulcanic hills as giant pieces of a colorful puzzle.

Eternal love in Santorini 

Santorini is one of the most picturesque place in the world, reason why countless brides and grooms are climbing the white roofs everyday in search of a perfect wedding picture.
This is definitely the perfect place for honeymooners or couples in general and visiting the beautiful island alone or with a group of friends might be quite depressing.
Another legend says that couples who visit Santorni will either get married or will break up… the volcano fault probably which is responsible with the level of energy and emotions.

While weddings in Santorini might be something common, the ballet is definitely not. A beautiful balerina moving her body in the elegant rythm of the ballet dance is catching the eyes of the tourists who stops for a moment to admire the two greatest creations: women and nature.

We take a last refreshment break, in a terrace located above the mesmerizing blue sea. I must admit that I never loved mathematics but the Alpha seems to be my new favorite “equation” while in Greece.

Riding a donkey on Santorini hills

The donkeys are close by (I can say by the smell) and we are descending the stairs careful not to step in their poo which is spread careless everywhere.

Not surprisingly the price for the ride is fixed like everywhere in Europe (5 euro) and we don’t need to worry about being ripped off or having to bargain to obtain a decent price. However, I am about to regret the ride even before starting it when I realize that the poor animals are doing a huge effort carrying on their back silly tourists (like us). The caretaker is right behind, slapping the animals whenever they are stopping in order to regain their breath. I shout at him, forbidding to touch my donkey “dont even try”.

I am saying goodbye to my beautiful friend after a tough ride ready to go back to the hotel but not before of discovering more misteries well hidden on the tiny streets of Oia.

White and blue

Although Santorini is a rather small island it is overrun with religious monuments such as chapels, churches and monasteries depicted in white and blue. The two colors seems to have a highly importance for the greeks representing not only the national flag but also the sky and purity associated with the christianity.

Like everything in Greece, the myths and stories behind the two colors are countless but the more realistic explanation is that being built by using dark, volcanic stones the heat was unbearable and whitewashing was the perfect solution to keep the inside cool while the blue was cheap and available everywhere (a common agent used for washing clothes that most household will have in hand). The government found the idea quite patriotic and mandated that all buildings must be painted in white and blue if they weren’t already.

Sailing around the volcano

We decided to extend our stay in Santorini with one more day, time allocated to discover the hidden beauty of the volcano and its unique beaches by boat.
First stop, the hot springs interesting when watched from the comfort of the boat, far away from the shallow waters with dangerous levels of sulf and rocky bottom. The currents are quite high as well making the swimming almost impossible while the sulf is leaving a permanent mark on your favorite bath suite.

White & red beach

The boat stops in few more location, including the white and red beach, where I decide to refresh myself jumping in the cold waters while the lunch is being prepared by the crew. The two beaches are relatively close to each other and both of them can be easly described as original and spectacular. The volcanic lava red rocks, pebbles and red sand that surround crystal clear waters, create an amazing scenery that you won’t find anywhere in the world.

Right after the lunch i start feeling dizzy and sleepy and my health is visible damaged once I reach the hotel and I am not being able to walk without my baby’s support. The beautiful dream si replaced by the nightmare of a cruel food poisoning which keeps us awake the whole night and drain the last drop of energy from my body. Dehydrated and more dead than alive I manage to board two different aircrafts and continue my convalescence under the safe roof of my home. Now I keep wondering either we didn’t like the greek food or the greek food didn’t like us, eighter way I don’t think I am going to search for the answer too soon.

Seychelles…the land of dreams and happiness

I turn on the other side and place my head on his chest. Close by, the sleepless waves are hitting the shore and I am smilling in my dream…he played again the Youtube video which makes us sleep like babies, I am thinking, half awake. I open my eyes and I don’t recognize the place…it’s certainly not our room but some kind of old ship beautiful decorated with white sails, wooden bars and fancy rags. My heart is filled with happiness, invaded by feelings which are out of this world. Whatever this place is, it must be something magical about it and no doubt we are trapped by its spell.

Between dream and reality

A gentle sunshine is caressing my face and I know its time to wake up. My love is still sleeping next to me and I shake him hard: “Wake up babe, we are in Seychelles”.

I open the glass door and I step carefully on the wooden stairs..the beach is just in front of me and without hesitation I let my feet drowing in the sand. The waves are crashing on the rocks and I smile…it wasnt just a beautiful dream nor a Youtube video. The birds are performing their daily symphonie and I could listen to their song forever if Abdulla would have not call me for breakfast.

Breakfast with style

The restaurant is decorated in the same style with large white beds and hanging shells. We find a good table with sea view, just perfect to start our first day in Seychelles. While we are busy picking up the fruits for the breakfast, two naughty birds are already savourating a delicious croissant that I left careless on the table. I cant help but laughing of their “rudeness” and I offer them other items from the menu making sure that my new winged friends are enjoying a full complimentary service.

We spend the rest of the day in the natural pool of Bliss boutique hotel which is actualy a part of the sea surronded by huge stones and palms, filled with colorful fish, until the sun goes down….orange sky, noisy fruit bats circling around in search of fresh mango, a glass of wine and then…

….and then the stars, million shining stars piercing the black sky. I pay particular attention to one, the most shiny but the most isolated and I keep wondering how can it be so beautiful but so lonely in the same time?

The tour of Heaven

Next day in the morning we plan a tour on Mahe island. Paradisiac beaches, waterfalls, stunning panoramic views are waiting for us and we dont want to miss a thing.
First stop is the colorful hindu temple of the god Vinayagat. The old temple represent an important attraction for the tourists and the place of worship for more than 5000 hindus living on the island.
Surprisingly Seychelles is majority Catholic and our driver proudly wearing a big cross over his tshirt insist that we should also visit “The cathedral of our lady of immaculate conception”, the largest church in Seychelles. I am a little bit sceptic while Abdulla is over excited so I accept to visit the cathedral and I am not disappointed at all. While the inside impress just by its stained windows and the huge statues of biblical characters, the outside is absolutly heavenly. A big wooden door take us to a quiet, contemplative garden with a view over the Priests houses, considered to be one of the most impressive construction of the island.

Driving towards the Botanical garden, we make a last stop to the oldest historical landmark of the country, ironically named “Little Big Ben”, a small copy of the famous clock of London. The tower clock was built in 1903 to honor the Queen Victoria who colonized the island and saved the country from slavery and poverty.

The old giant turtles

Right now I am impatient to meet the giant turtles, the beautiful creatures which populates the island of Seychelles. From September to March the female turtles drag themselves in a choosen beach where they dig a nest using their hind flippers, carefuly placing their eggs inside. Unfortunately its the end of labor season and our only chance to see the turtles is the Botanical garden.

We found one pretty easy, just on the entrance of the garden. It seems quite big and slow in the same time. We move on quick as the era of dinos is long gone and this beautiful dummy cant fool anyone.
It did fool us in a different way thought…instead of following the path indicated by the turtle we choose to walk in the opposite direction and here we are lost in the beautiful park with plenty of crooked alleys and dead ends on a hot summer day.

We almost give up on hope when finally an welcome signage announce the turtles island.
Regardless of their reputation as “slow animals”, the turtles are in fact quite fast when it comes to their favorite food and in just few seconds I am surronded by a whole squad of hungry turtles of all ages, ready to seize not only the tasty leaf from my hand but also the veil of my dress.


Coco de mer, the hidden tresure of Seychelles

We are about to leave the Botanical garden when we almost step on an weird “coconut” which resemble more with an ugly human butt other than a delicous fruit. Coco de mer or the sexual coconut represent the natural tresure of Seychelles and the largest seed in the plant kingdom (it can reach up to 42 kg) and became highly prized over the time due to his shocking human resemblance. The naughty story of the coconut is far from being over as the female Coco de mer has an even more sexual looking partner (during its inflorescence)…the male coconut.

The Paradise has a name: Seychelles

We leave behind the crazy coconut life and the crowded capital city, Victoria driving towards the south part of the island where the real Paradise is opening its gates for us.

Down the road, a colorful stand of “innocent” coconut is inviting the tourists to enjoy its delicious liquor in an unforgettable scenery. A well deserved hydration break before our next stop…the waterfall.

There is not much to say about the waterfall…the terrain is difficult, the stones are slippery and not only once I was one step away of falling into the river. The water is shallow during this period and if I would have got my swimming suit I could happily enjoy an afternoon bath together with the other tourists who were more inspired than us.
Our “waterfall guide”, a young boy who just passed his puberty is sharing with Abdulla the story of his life, being the only one supporting his family while his brothers and friends all ended up in jail for drug traffic or robbery.  I like the guy but he becomes annoying at one point for being so talkative. In fact it supposed to be a romantic visit not a man to man talk. I forgive him thought after he makes us an unexpected goodbye gift: a natural cinamon bark that he just removed from a three.

Bat curry, a delicacy of the creole cuisine

The day is far to end but we are already exhausted and hungry. Abdulla suggest that we should try the local food and the driver promiss to take us to the best restaurant in town but not before of warrning us about the owner’s impolite behaviour. We need to speed up as the restaurant is open only from 10:00-14:00 daily and we dont want to be kicked out by the boss before we finish our lunch.
Notorious and overpriced , the restaurant is far from beying fancy, the food is weird and the staff very rude. The owner who is also “part time” chef is sitting grumpy on a table and doesnt seems in mood to cook today. He answers with a cold “pas bon” (not so good) when the habitual costumers are trying to engage him in a conversation and he is going mad when a familly of tourists are trying to take his parking lot. Our driver is giving us a complice look together with a smile: “I’ve told you…”
Meanwhile, a bored waitress is trowing the menu on the table asking us in french “what we want”, while she checks her watch impatiently. I am trying to find something edible in the multitude of the exotic dishes, most of them prepared in cury style: octupus (the house speciality), chicken, bat wings…yes right the small creatures of the night are hunted and used as source of food in Seychelles since the slavery period. If in the past the locals used to hit the bats with rocks until they felt dead on ground, in present nets and hooks allow bats to be caught, skinned and curried. The fruit bat is a delicacy in the creole cusine and I am most willing to experience it but I change my mind after Abdulla comes with scary stories about the diseas carried by those tiny “vampires” of the sky.

We decided on something more familiar: chicken curry, rice, tuna steak and creole sauce. I totally dislike the food but I am trying not to offend our driver who seems to be delighted with his choice. I fill my stomach mostly with rice and coke, we thank the staff for their “kindness” and run away of this place…for forever.

Ending our visit in Mahe

We end our journey with a tea factory visit and the panoramic view point, located up on a hill in the north side of the island. From here we can admire not only the beautiful Mahe in all its splendor but also Praslin and La digue, the second largest islands from the archipelago.

Madly in love with this place we are thinking seriously to extend our holiday for few more days and without paying a second thought, we book right away our plane tickets to Praslin.

New day, new destination: Praslin

Air Seychelles is ready for boarding but we cant leave the small domestic terminal before watching the safety video, a legal requirment even for the short 10 minutes flight over the Indian ocean.

With less than 12 seats, no hostess nor a cockpit door, the motto of the company seems to be “we totally trust our passengers”.
I am scared and agitated like everytime when I face a situation out of my confort zone but Abdulla tries to calm me down by setting the timer on his phone: “Its just 10 minutes flight baby, you wont even fell it”.

He is right about that and after exactly 10 minutes, the light aircraft finally touch down the runway and we are over happy to start a new chapter of this amazing holiday.

Coco de mer hotel, Praslin

Once we reach our hotel, Coco de Mer, we are welcomed with delicious cold cocktails and invited to have a seat on the lobby until the check in formalities will be over.


Its already evening and the tourists, well dressed are joining the special dinner organized by the hotel with different theme every night. Today is Creole buffet followed by a local show and even if we had a bad experience with the national food of Seychelles we decide to give it one more try.
After dinner, the artists are waving their body in the rithm of African music and I dont hesitate when the girls invite me to join them. Even if the dance is not one of my passion I am stealing few of their moves and by the end of the night, encouraged by my performance and few glasses of Proseco, I am making plans with Abdulla to not leave this island anymore.

If not for a lifetime at least for the next 4 days, Coco de mer will become our lovely home and we are planning to enjoy every moment spent in here. In fact it would be impossible to get bored with so many activities offered by the hotel: gym, library, watersports, cycling, massage, games, pool and amazing cocktails served in the Mango bar, the perfect mix for an unforgettable holiday.

The weather is a little bit whimsical and not only once it make us run for shelter when the bright sun is suddenly replaced with an angry tropical storm. It doesnt last for long thought and after half an hour of heavy rain, the sky is cleared up even more blue and shinny than before.

Relaxing day at the hotel SPA

Today we will let ourselves spoiled with a full facial and couple massage, ending our holiday in a perfect environment, a beautiful SPA above the sea. Meenasree is our host today and after being welcomed with a delicious cocktail made of cinamon and orange, we are asked to fill a questionnaire which seems weird in the beginning but will make so much sense later on. Based on our date of birth, Meenasree is choosing the right essence to create the perfect balance between the mind and the body. My element is Earth while Abdulla’s is Sky, we are total opposite (Ying and Yang) but we complement each other perfectly.
We end up the massage session with a romantic bath in coconut milk, flowers and lot of bubbles and we leave the place not only energized but also with a new friend, Meenasree, a pure hearted person always surrounded by positive energy and good thoughts.

Its almost sunset time and we are rushing to catch the marvelous show offered by the nature which lasts for almost two hours.  The great Painter is mixing harmoniously a whole palette of colors, setting the sky “on fire” and leaving us wordless until the night  is taking over with her black, mysterious veil.

Time to say goodbye

Our holiday has come to the end and its time to say goodbye, leaving behind the Paradise with sadness but greatful for the great moments spent in here. The taxi is waiting for us but before, I need to say goodbye to some little friends that I meet during this trip, wondering…will they ever remember me?