Love and colors in Cinque terre

Cinque terre, the last stop in our amazing tour of Italy

It’s always been said to keep the best for the last and so we have done. After 10 days of exploring the art and culture of Italy in its major cities we decided to end our holiday with a note of romantism in a special place: Cinque terre.
In the last years, Cinque terre won notoriety among the tourists and became a famous land not only for its location on the mediteranean coast, surrounded by emerald waters but most of all for the original mix of colors: yellow, red or purple, the small pretty houses are hanging on the rocks spreading joy all around.
A quick search on and we found the perfect place to spend the two nights alocated for this trip: a “floating hotel” in La Spezia, a quiet area, away from the agitation of the famous landmark. 


“Claridge”, our boat is waiting for our arrival waving relaxed on the calm waters of Mirabello port. We are excited for the new “home” and decide to spend the first day chilling with a glass of champagne, placing a new pin on our travel map together. 

Sparkling wine and sparkling stars

Watching the stars in the upper deck, we fall asleep in each other arms and we are woken up only by the cool breeze which wander in the dark. We continue the night in our tiny cabin listening to the beautiful music of the waves accompanied by an unwanted singer: a sleples mosquito which is hunting my baby sweet skin, totally unintersted of my presence.
After a white night followed by a poor italian breakfast, we are already on the other side of the port, waiting for the boat which will take us to Cinque terre. As per the name Cinque terre is actually composed of five different lands: Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia and Riomaggiore, all of them with similar appearence.
The first stop is Riomaggiore where we disembark excited, following the crowd on the tiny alley with a fated name, “Via dell’Amore” , trying to hide from the burning sun of the afternoon.
It’s lunch time and the whole village is wrapped in a delicious smell of fresh fish which leaves our mouth watering. Avoiding the traditional italian restaurants, we are ready to try something more unconventional this time: fast-food style fish. A cone full of tasty sea food and a cold beer, the perfect choice for a fun time and priceless memories.


Running to catch the next boat, I am leaving all my stressed atitude behind, being confident that we will make it just on time. We can see from the top of the cliff that all the passengers are already on board but we still take our time for some pictures, giggling and kissing until we reach the harbor.
Ten minutes away is Manarola, the most famous “brother” of the five lands. I dont really know why is famous for but it picture is all over the internet, atracting million tourists to Cinque terre every year. In fact, the village aspect disappoint a bit and it has nothing of the glamour displayed by the photoshopped pictures.


Probably hit by the same feelings, some tourists try to find fun activties to kill the boredom, like…diving from a rock directly in the shallow water.  We are watching their dangerous demonstrations worried for their life while other people seems to enjoy the show, clapping and taking pictures.
Unsatisfied with the “poor” variety of colors, the locals are hanging clothes outside the balconies trying to enlarge the color pallete of their village. In fact, color is the signature of the place and a wide variety will automaticaly increase the amount of tourists.
Tired and not impressed by the “Due terre” that we have seen already, we decide to return to our lovely boat and enjoy one more romantic evening under the shining stars.


Colors on the sky

Some grey clouds are taking the ownership over the sky and it seems like a furious storm is ready for her summer performance.
Hungry, we are trying to fight the impossible: finding a restaurant opened before the dinner time. Just as expected, our attempt failed and we dont have any choice other than respecting the strict meal program set by the italians. We find shelter in our favorite lounge, running from the angry wind which is blowing everything on his way. After a bottle of Proseco and small bites of food we are  making our way to the boat planing to continue our little party once we reach there.
“Baby, look to the sky”, Abdulla is telling me, pointing to the left. Unbelievable, a clear rainbow is rising between the clouds, reflecting like a mirror the colorful lands that we had just visit. I am more than happy to witness this miracle of the nature together, the perfect scenario for ending an amazing day, full of love and happiness.


We have no plan for the day ahead, a part of us wish to continue the inedit experience of living on a yacht, while the other part is diying for the comfort offered by the luxurious hotels.
Early in the morning our choice is clear and we find ourselves in the train station, dragging the heavy suitcases on the platform. We will spend the last days of our holiday in the same place where we started it: Milan…but not before passing through some funny situations on the way, so typical for us.


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