Waiting for Hope

I used to believe that “waiting” its a matter of choice. Why shall I wait for someone or something to happen when I am fully in charge with my time?
The real life though, seems to disapprove my theory completely. What would you do if waiting would be your only hope?

February 2017…I landed at Ivato International Airport with big hopes, ready to discover one of the biggest island in the world: Madagascar. The reality hit me hard once I passed the immigration counter, realizing in the moment that life is not an animated cartoon where the characters happily share the same Paradise but more a jungle where the battle for survival is daily and …crucial.

Waiting for food…

Its very common for malagasy people to sell their goodies next by a main road or in special open markets. However beside the vegetables and fruits, perishable items are out for sale in the heat and surronded by curious flies and mosquitos. Proper supermarkets are only visited by “rich” people and the bunch of kids begging outside of the doors are the only “mortals” which, time to time receive a sweet treat from the tourists.
Me, on the other side I am just waiting for the departure day, with more than 6 kilos lost in the 5 days adventure on malagasy land where cup noodles and bread were replacing my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Waiting to grow up…

It must be difficult to be an adult but its impossible to be a kid without a childhood.
Since they are very young, malagasy kids are learning their parents crafts waiting for the day when they will be able to earn their own money.
You would think that poverty made them heartless but on the contrary, the little souls share their goods with everyone around, even with their less human friends.

Waiting for the school…

Wearing clean, celebration clothes the scholars are ready to start their daily classes. The road to school is not easy but they are decided to overcome any obstacole, hoping for a better future.

Waiting to be clean…

Its weekend and the locals are celebrating their days off with ….more work.

Fresh cleaned linens are hanged everywhere around the house and next by the rivers hundred ladies are waiting for their clothes to be dried by the sun.

Waiting for a ride…

In the era of technology and development there is a place in the world where “slavery” is considered to be a job. The main way of transportation in Madagascar is the rischaw, which allows to the wealthy to be carried by the less fortunate in exchange of few coins so vital for survival.

Some of the drivers upgrated their vehicle in order to obtain costumers satisfaction: less effort, more speed.
On the other side of the road, vintage cars are waiting to start their rusty engines.

A fascinating story about my adventure in  Madagascar is waiting for you here…

Madagascar, between hell and heaven  – Gone with the wind



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