The crew’s haunted hotels

As a flight attendant I get to travel all around the world and what I fancy the most when I arrive to my destination it’s a good sleep in a comfortable bed, undisturbed by the staff or any other person who decides to ignore the “Come back later” sign hanged on my door.

But what happens when rumors about unusual activities are connected to a specific hotel that I just checked in and door bangs during late hours, flickers of electricity or spooky sounds threaten to disturb my rest? Well.. unfortunately as a crew I don’t have much of a choice other than dealing with any paranormal event on my own.
For the past 6 years I have been accomodated in few hotels that can be considered “haunted”, all of them being connected to tragical deaths before or after its construction.
Here is a list with abnormal events involving strange apparitions in the crew hotels.

Sheraton hotel in Frankfurt

Located right in the airport, this hotel was home for thousands cabin crew working for Middle East arlines and each and every one of them can relate to the facts.

Suspicious death of a thai girl

The story goes back in time when a Thai girl was found hanged on her room and since that day she seems to freak out the hotel’s guests with her ghostly apparitions. Desperately to check out for forever the unwanted guest, the managers applied some of the most extreme measures such as placing the deceased portrait opposite a mirror in each room which according to the Thai belief will keep the ghost at a safe distance. The gesture created even more panic among the crew who start placing the portrait outside of the doors and shared the rooms with their colleagues.
Let’s be honest …who will want to sleep with a ghost picture next by the bed?

Crew testimony

“While talking to my husband through WhatsApp call I observed the objects around me being miss placed (the ashtray, the can of juice that I was having right then) but I blamed it on the tiredness after a long flight. It was until later on when my husband asked me who was with me in the room (as he could see a shadow moving behind me) when I realize that something was wrong. I ended up in an ambulance with an IV on my arm and deadheading back home. Since that day I have never returned to Frankfurt”, relates one of my colleagues.
Personally I didn’t experience any undesirable encounters during my two visits in Sheraton hotel but I do recall an official email forbidding the crew to remove the portrait from the room.

The principal hotel in Manchester

Known better as the Palace hotel, the imposing building located downtown Manchester was used as a refuge assurance between 1891 and 1895 and since that time the tales about a heart broken war widow are fueled by the staff and the hotel’s guests who came in contact with the angry spirit.

Angry widow roaming the hotel

Inexplicable events such as physical contact while sleeping, bangs on the doors,weird noises and the feeling of being watched makes the crew spend the night either on the reception’s couch or in the pilots rooms (not because they are some kind of ghost haunters but just because most of the times they are the only male members of the team).

Crew experiences

“In the middle of the night I felt like someone had slapped my face so strong that it made me wake up and I start running straight to the reception. I wasn’t aware of the ghost presence at the time but the hotel’s staff told me not to worry as “she” has been locked in the room next door and shouldn’t be of any harm. I spent the rest of the night downstairs sipping coffee until dawn”, relates one of the crew on my flight while another trusted friend was being pushed off the bed while sleeping by the same angry ghost.
Headless phantoms and tormented souls are something common in the UK and wherever you choose to stay you may always have an inexplicable encounter on the hallway. While some people are more opened to the paranormal interactions, others can feel nothing in the presence of a ghost and fortunately this seems to be my case.

Golden Tulip Bangkok

I must say from the beginning that I haven’t read any official story about this hotel, however inexplicable events are spreading among the crew community. Flickers of electricity, electronics switching on during the night, personal belongings hidden by unseen forces or objects misteriously dissappeard are just few of the things that you may get to experience in this place.

Moreover there is a creepy feeling that can’t be ignored, reason why I always sleep with the curtains wide open and all the lights on.

Soaltee Crowne Plaza Kathmandu

Considered a legendary landmark of the city this vintage hotel made of bricks and woods was built on top of an hospital (orphanage some say) destroyed by the fire.

Cries and laughs from another world

Crew spending their layover here have experienced a similar dream about meeting a weird looking boy in the elevator. The story gets more creepy when they are woken up in the middle of the night by cries and laughs of what seems to be a mother and her son.

Serrano hotel, San Francisco

Since I stepped inside I was surrounded by a weird feeling that I tried to ignore, being aware that its an old, vintage hotel so similar with the haunted houses seen on TV and this can play tricks on my mind.

However, during my stay while waiting in the lobby for the rest of the crew I overheard a conversation of some visitors who were complaining to the staff about strange things happening inside of their room (someone was messing up with their things). What shocked me was the employee attitude who didn’t deny the facts, in the contrary he shared with them that other guests have witness over the time an Asian housekeeper knocking on their door then suddenly disappearing without any trace.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Whether you believe the ghostly stories or you are sceptic about it, one thing is sure… there are lost souls around us who can’t find their peace and making their presence felt its a cry for help.
Would a paranormal event ruin your holiday or would make it more interesting? Share your thoughts.

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