Cozumel…the road to happiness

When I think about Paradise I have a pretty clear idea about how it supposed to look like: a tiny island surrounded by the turquoise ocean, soft sand, thousands palm trees, love, happiness and…lot of fun.


Duration?…my whole life.

I arrived in Cozumel island on the last day of my trip in Mexico trying to end the adventure on Caribbean sea with a note of peace and tranquility in the middle of the nature.
Renting a beautiful vintage car and driving around the island seems to be the best idea, giving me the opportunity of exploring more places in a short period of time.
Those tiny cars are very popular in the area, you can find them in different colors and they come along with lot of fun, no seat belt and sometimes no breaks either.
Stop to the nearest shop for few bottles of Corona, drink while listening reggaeton music and start living the real mexican life.

Please be careful not to end up in some off road activities like this guy. Drinking and driving its not ok and sometimes the street it’s shorter than it looks.

Choose instead the main road of the island and enjoy the frenzy of colors displayed by the authentic mexican architecture.

The biggest inhabited island

Cozumel its one of the biggest island of Mexico with 48 km in longitude and 16 km wide, trying to visit it all in one day being a little bit challenging if not almost impossible.
The starting point of my trip it’s the famous Plaza del Sol surrounded by gift shops, restaurants and a breezy view over the ocean. The area becomes more animated in the night when live music and tequila shots are responsable with the joy, while during the day time only few tourists are adventuring under the burning sun.

Global warming, a pressing issue

First thing that impressed me once I stepped out of the ferry boat its the beauty of the sea, dancing graciously in the rhythm dictated by the gentle wind of summer, with shades of green, dark blue and turquoise, the most beautiful colors I have seen so far.

Unfortunately in the last period Mexico is confronting a serious issue when it comes to the cleanliness of the sea and not against trash how you might think but against the high quantity of sea weed that is relentlessly dumped ashore in huge brown waves.
The main reason seems to be the global warming and even if the municipality is investing time and effort trying to maintain the beaches clean, the nature is determined to prove that the concern its much more serious.

The high quantity of algae has a negative impact on the tourism as well, frightening the foreigners when in fact we have all contributed in a certain level to the imbalance that our Planet is experiencing today.
Presently, Cozumel is exempt of this issue but how much longer until this beautiful Paradise will be covered in shades of brown?

The safest place in the world

With dream like beaches, exotic birds walking undisturbed by the presence of the tourists and magnificent coral reefs, Cozumel is considered to be one of the safest places to live not only in Mexico but in the entire world. Didn’t I tell you that I have found the Paradise?

Art on the sky

Another reason why I liked Cozumel was the huge collection of statues and art displayed everywhere around the city. The island has been going through lot of changes ever since the hurricane Wilma payed a visit in 2005 but managed to rebuilt itself more beautiful than ever before.

Art its not only on Earth but also in the sky where a divine palette is coloring the clouds in warm shades of orange while I am watching the sun leaving my world slowly, wishing for the time to stop in this place, in this moment.

El tiempo no se para

The time doesn’t stop and soon million shining lights start piercing the dark sky like drops of love carelessly scattered on the black canvas of the soul, filling it with joy and fulfillment.
Everything becomes one…the vastness of the sky, the depths of the ocean, the richness of the earth and ONE becomes …everything.


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