PHI PHI island

Phi Phi island it’s the Thailand superstar, for some being the only reason to touch down in Phuket.
The island became famous with the Leonard di Caprio movie “The beach” when a group of hipsters founded a small community on a hidden place. Unlike the movie, Phi Phi island is far from being a secret, but even with the crowd roaming around the natural beauty of the island doesn’t disappoint.




You can book a day trip to the island from any hotel or travel agency in Phuket, which will cost around 70$ including snorkeling, monkey beach and lunch.


With crystal clear waters and a huge variety of ocean life, snorkeling its an experience that shouldn’t be skipped while in Phuket.
Being my first time ever snorkeling I had an amazing time, having the chance to see a starfish and other colorful fish swimming around me.

Monkey Beach

The 150 meters long strip of white powdery sand fringed by emerald water and a limestone cliff covered with lush vegetation its a real paradise for the monkeys and for tourists on both sides. Monkeys are not my favorite animals reason why I decided to stay on the boat and photograph them from far away. Monkeys can become aggressive easly especially if the sense food or if they are nursing mothers.




Elephants in Thailand

Back to Patong (the most famous beach of Phuket) I decided to take a tour to an elephant orfanage. The thai elephant is considered the national animal of Thailand and being accompanied by my mother I wanted to offer her the unique experience of being close to one of the biggest animal of the Planet.
Unfortunately it wasn’t what I expected, the elephants looking exhausted carrying the tourists around the park or being used for entertaining shows. My favorite of them all was Jollie, a naughty baby elephant, not fully tamed yet, which used to run in the middle of her performance.

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