Mangiare, bere, baciare a Milano

Eating, drinking, kissing in Milan

I am in front of Milano centrale, the main train station waiting for my baby arrival and saying goodbye to my mother in the same time. I spent the last two days with her at Como lake, relaxing and recharging my batteries for what is yet to come.

When we planed our trip to Italy, I described Milano as a boring city with nothing else to visit except the Duomo and not much to do other than eating nice food but we decided to give it a chance anyway.
After more than half an hour waiting I see Abdulla in the crowd and I am running to kiss him, just in the middle of the street.
“Buongiorno, Mediolanum hotel, per favore”, I am telling the driver in a broken italian, after we jump in the first taxi.
Good news, the hotel is just two minutes away…bad news, the room is not ready yet.
I suggest to have an italian breakfast and I am trying to find the best place to impress my baby on his first contact with Italy. Unfortunately the choices around the hotel are limited and we end up in a vietnamese familly coffee shop. We sit on the table ordering some cappucinos and fresh baked croissants while other people come and go, drinking their shot of coffee in rush, standing on the bar. We are amazed of their behavior but later on during our trip we will adopt same way of drinking espresso which is actually very practical when you want to save some time.

Mussels & wine, kisses & smiles

In the afternoon we are standing in front of the impressive Duomo, taking pictures while few africans are trying to sell us different souvenirs. In fact they are a gang of thieves very well organized which are waiting for any moment of distraction to grab the tourists bellongings. Everything is happening just in front of the Carabinieri which seems not to notice or not to care. I am very annoyed of their cheap tricks and the day would be a total failure if my baby would not save me from that situation.

Finding the best restaurant in Galeria Vittorio Emanuele, he brings my good mood back with a glass of Rose and my favorite food…Mussels.

To digest the delicious dishes that we just eaten we decide to explore the streets less touristic of Milan. Attracted by the multitude of restaurants which rise in our way, we agree to stop for a glass of Proseco, leaving each and every place more happy, more in love with everything what is happening around us.
Like two teenagers escaped from a long day at school, we walk through the green alley, kissing, giggling, holding hands. I dont see anyone around, in my perfect world is only me and him.
We have no clue where this street is taking us, walking with no direction for hours we finally pop up in a crowded street just in the middle of the city center. Passing in front of a sushi lounge we are stoped by the sound of a shaker which seems to invite us for a drink. Pleased with the variety of cocktails and the energetic atmosphere we mark it as our favorite place in Milan and we promise to come back here any time soon.

“Corso Como”, the heart of party in Milan

On the other corner of the street, a mix of italians and tourists of all ages are drinking and dancing in front of a bar while inside is totally empty. We order two shots of Limoncelo and a Mojito and we are trying to keep the rhythm with them. In the begining it feels strange to gather outside but after a while we fit just perfect with the new habit learned from italians.
We end up the night in Loolapaloosa-Ibiza, a small crowded pub with high prices but cheap appearance where some teenagers are doing their best to “grab” a free drink from our table. Having some troubles with my skirt totally ruined the night but added a new funny memory to our large collection.

We both felt in love with the milanese environment and without any previous plan we came back to Milan for the last two days of our holiday.
Stuffed with pizzas and pastas for the past two weeks, we are trying to regain the good shape with a light dinner. And what can be healthier than japonese cuisine?

Ending the holiday in a classy japonesse style

Searching on Google for the best sushi place we found Armani Nobu which is described as the most fashionable and exclusivist restaurant in Milan. Owned by the famous Giorgio Armani, it claim to offer a sophisticated atmosphere which combine the Armani style with traditional Japanese design.
 (Google pictures) 
We reached there without reservation but we managed to get a table in a smoking area of the restaurant. After a “not so impressive” dinner filled up with strong cigars smell, we moved to the bar, curious to try “Armani red”, their signature cocktail. Mixing successfully rose tea, fruits and vodka the bartender create an original beverage which definitely I am going to miss.

We spend the next day in bed, watching cartoons until we figured out what is happening outside; a strange rainy sunny day, beautiful meteorological phenomenon which put an end to our lazy mood.
Nice dressed for an elegant dinner we continue the evening in the same japonese style like the previous night but different location; our favorite place, Sushi B.
The bartender greet us back and immediately start preparing his “weird”, delicious cocktails. Meawhile, a japonesse waiter makes a full introduction of our appetizer including wasabi and algae sticks, sweet potato and eggplant chips and few bites of sushi.

Delighted with the whole ambiance and the professional staff we order frenetically dishes from the menu while the other customers are watching us surprised, enjoying their glass of Proseco and a small roll of sushi.

Arrivederci bella Italia

We leave Italy on a rainy day , the clouds on the sky maching perfectly with my mood. I feel like crying and for the first time I dont want to go back home.
It have been more than two weeks since our holiday finished but my thoughts are still there, on the tiny cubical streets, on the sparks of the champagne glass, on the fresh aroma of pesto…on the million kisses shared with passion.

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