Barcelona…at my feet

After I discovered Barcelona by foot, on my previous trip, this time I decided to use the public transportation like an authentic local and admire the city from the top of the surrounding hills.

Tibidabo cathedral

The Temple of the Sacred heart of Jesus is overlooking Barcelona from the city’s highest peak, Mont Tibidabo located 500 meters above sea level. Its spectacular location can be seen from all around the city and it was a “must do” for me since I first arrived in Barcelona.

Unlike the other cathedrals, the famous Gaudi was not involved in its construction, nevertheless this neogothic construction it’s absolutely spectacular.

Near by the cathedral you can find an amusement park filled with nostalgia laden attractions and few shops and cafeterias, perfect for a break above the city.
Be aware that temperature might drop with few degrees as you are practically surrounded by clouds.

It wasn’t difficult to reach Tribidabo peak, however I had to change 2 metro lines, a taxi (you can use the bus or walk up the hill) and a funicular which offers an amazing view of the city.
The locals are kind and ready to help when needed so don’t hesitate to ask for directions in case you get lost.

At 18:15 I catched the last funicular which goes back to the base of the mountain and from there I walked to the nearest metro station Avenida Tribidabo, admiring the incredible old castles on my way, in what is undoubtedly, the most beautiful street I have encountered inBarcelona.

Montjuic hill

Do you fancy stunning views and funny rides? I got an idea that will bring Barcelona at your feet: teleferic de Montjuic with a 360 panoramic view, an unique way of discovering the charms of the city straight from the sky.
I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid of the whole trip as hights are not my best friends (even though I am a cabin crew) but the cable car proved to be safe, worthy plus spacious enough to fit up to 8 people and keep claustrophobia away.

The end of the ride culminates with a beautiful fort known as Montjuic castle, a peaceful place that stands as a remainder of the city’s struggles over the time.

Around the castle is not much to see, except for the view over the port and the city itself. Few locals are jogging near by the fort while others are joining a competition of a sport that I wasn’t aware it still exist in modern times, archery.

The sun had settled down and I know it’s time to leave when my colleagues instead of playing the photographer role (as all the carrying colleagues must do), they start imitating my pose, most probably trying to steal my fame. You got it right Captain!

Park Guell

Located on Carmen hill, the park is entirely dedicated to the most famous figure of Catalan modernism, Antoni Gaudi, who’s genius and creativity made Barcelona one of the most attractive place of Europe.
Unlike the other parks around the world, Guell has a limited amount of admissions daily therefore buying a ticket few days in advance it’s a must. Its architecture and the stunning view over the city makes Guell park mandatory not only for the art lovers but also for those who worship panaromic views around the world.

Even though I didn’t have the slightest idea about Gaudi style before visiting Barcelona, I must now declare myselfa big fan of his work, finding it not only innovative but also playful and full of life.
Wandering through the narrow paths of Guell park made me feel like an ant in a magic world, surrounded by ginger bread and colorful candies and what is art if not a projection of your own emotions and dreams?

Sky deck

I end up my exciting journey above the city with a breathtaking view from the upper level of my hotel. A deep veil of silence has covered the city and it’s now time to rest for the long flight that awaits me in the morning.

Gracias hermosa Barcelona!

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