Taste of Belarus

The truth is that Russian influence when it comes to food (and many other things) never impressed me much and I can reconfirm that after my last visit on slavic land, Minsk, the capital city of Belarus.
Looking for traditional dishes (like any other foreign tourist) I came across Talaka, a restaurant built inside of an old “village house” shocking by its vintage appearance.

The place reminds me of my grandparents stable filled with unfashionable objects and I would normally avoid it in my own country but being a tourist in a foreign place I choose to show a little bit more consideration to the local traditions.
Finding an empty table on the terrace outside, I keep 2 minutes of silence for the tree that was killed to create the exquisite menu cover and I breath relax when I realize that the entire staff has a good understanding of English (rare thing in slavic countries).

I am ordering the Hot pot and a dessert, hoping that slavic flavors will impress me this time but in return I receive a normal dish made out of chicken cubes, potatoes and mushrooms topped up with an yogurt sauce. Good but not great enough to place slavic food on my favorite dish around the world.

What I did like when it comes to sweets is the warm apple strudel which seems to be a common dessert in this part of the Globe. Baked apple bites, cinnamon and vanilla cream its a “must try” combination.
Any recommendation that could change my perception are more than welcomed!


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