Abu Dhabi, fun in lockdown

I am sure that we can all agree on the fact that our life has changed dramatically since the beginning of the year and we have no choice other than to adapt to the new lifestyle in times of pandemic.

Abu Dhabi it isnt the worst place in the world to get stuck in during the pandemic. With plenty of time off but also with less money in my pocket than I was used to, Abu dhabi became the place of a prolonged vacation and the right moment to discover some free or not so costy activities near by.

I started my staycation by making new friends and getting in touch with the old ones (of course keeping the 1 meter distance and the mask on at all times). We planned trips and together we managed to make the quarantine not only bearable but also exciting and adventurous.

Fun & Sun in Lulu island

Always there, never explored, Lulu was a mistery place for me. The island it’s an eye catcher with its high dunes and the desert vegetation, in total contrast with the skyscrapers and modern buildings of the Corniche, the most popular area of the city located just on the opposite side

Lulu island can be reached only by boat (5 minutes ride from Mina Port). You can book a private boat or hop on the public one (it will cost you around 35Dh one way) but do not forget to take with you some fresh sea food from the famous restaurants near by and plenty of water as the island has no facilities nor shops.

The island was a real surprise, a hidden gem in plan sight and even though the sea would often wash off pieces of plastic and other materials it was the only beach available during the lockdown. And with such a great company who cares about the rest?

Sailing adventure

Loaded with heavy bags, extra friends and a cart full of food we are ready to spend another fun day in our secret spot in Lulu island. Unfortunately due to the weather conditions of the day any visit to the islands near by were totally forbidden by the coast guard and we were forced to adjust our plan to the current situation… as Covid was not enough!

Disappointed but with a huge desire of adventure, we decided to rent 2 boats (due to social distancing only 4 persons were permited per boat) and spend the entire day sailing around the city. What started like an unlucky day has transformed really quick in an unforgettable experience. A bit over the budget but Hey! who cares… so many tourists pay a small fortune to visit our beautiful capital city.

Picnic in the desert

Lot of food, candles, home accessories and even a gazeboo… the basic starter pack for a “humble” picnic in the desert.

Location: Al Wathaba fossils dunes

The beautiful spot has become quite famous lately, as many travelers and even locals are stopping by for a picture with the natural rocky formations arising from the desert. The fossils dunes are not unique, many alike formations can be found alongside the track road towards Al Ain, all you have to do is choosing your favorite. Be careful with the speed limit if you dont want to return home with a souvenir picture made by the radars, same as I did.

The trip to Al Wathaba it’s a real getaway from reality, a place lost in time, a moment of divine relaxation and a great spot for yoga in the nature. Definetely one of my favorite landmarks of the country.

The hidden lake

Not far from the fossils dunes, lays another hidden gem, a salt lake in the middle of the desert. A top secret place that we have discovered by chance navigating through Google maps. Without thinking twice we organized an “expedition” in order to explore this natural beauty, totally unknown to others.

After more than 40 minutes hike from the main road, under the torrid sun of the desert summer (50+degrees), the magical place unveils it’s beauty like a mirage. What was pictured until that moment like a little blue dot on a map has transformed in a beautiful oasis, the perfect spot for camping, gathering and memories that last for a lifetime.

What a perfect scenario for a sunset in style!

The lake is so salty that can makes you float with zero effort, a great place for pictures if you haven’t had the chance to visit Dead sea yet. Be careful with the sharp salt crystals accumulated on the shore and also take into consideration the depth of the lake and other minerals that may be harmfulness for your body.

In the end of the day, a hidden lake discovered by a crazy gang might not be such a great staycation idea.

Hotel staycation

Turqoise water, white sand, pool, sun and unlimited food and drinks… this is what I call a real Staycation in times of pandemic. Most of the hotels have reinvented themselves in order to attract more visitors and came up with a new concept of “staycation” which basically can translate to spending your holiday in your own country rather than abroad.

Depending on your budget you can choose to spend the night in the hotel or just purchase a day pass and enjoy the facilities throughout the day.

A day pass in Rixon hotel has cost us 330 DH per person and it was worth every dirham. The food was delicious, the drinks were flowing and the hotel staff was very kind. A relaxing day in Paradise and the perfect place to celebrate our Suzi birthday!

Shooting class

Preparing for 2020 zombie apocalypse or just trying to learn a new skill? You never know when a gun might come in handy and a shooting lesson has never killed anyone (or at least I hope it didn’t). Al forsan sports center offers attractive packages for anyone who would like to fire a real gun in a safe enviroment. You will start the day with a short safety briefing where you will be teached how to hold the gun and other important aspects of the training and then you will get the chance to prove your skills by shooting at a fixed target. The instructor will always be next to you to ensure your safety and the antibullet glass will keep you safe from clumsy shooters.

Don’t forget! Photography is totally prohibited.

It’s up to you if you decide to stay home and scratch another day in the calendar or actually go out there and live your life to the fullest. But remember that there is no better time than NOW!


    • It’s definitely not something easy to discover😁 imagine hiking through the dunes during the summer just to find out what is that small blue dot on the google maps😂


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