Once there was, once there wasn’t…in Hong Kong

We landed in Hong Kong after more than 8 hours flight, smiling to the passengers who were disembarking the aircraft happy and excited in the same time. It was a pleasant flight for them and for us as well but now our thoughts were flying out of the aircraft, to the amazing city which we were about to discover.
Some of us were even more lucky being accompanied by our loved ones, mixing successfully the work with the personal life, decided to make from this long layover (80 h) an unforgettable one.
I was sharing an accomplice smile with my special “guest” while he was disembarking and I was waiting impatient to see him again in the airport.
Even if we knew each other since long time, I knew that now is the moment when out fairy tale is about to start and I was ready to write a magical one.
Once arrived in the hotel we decided to not lose any second of this remaining  evening, even if the capricious weather was trying to keep us inside of the room.
The first stop was the “Avenue of the stars” with it breathtaking view of the skyscrapers reflecting in the sea like a colorful rainbow, which created the perfect atmosphere for our beautiful story.



We enjoyed our long walk through the movies stars statues and we were having a good time trying unsuccessfully to imitate the Bruce Lee famous move before our noisy stomachs reminded us that is time for dinner.



We found the perfect place for dining and our thoughts were stolen away by the magical harbor view  and also by the few glasses of wine, forgetting for a moment about the time and space.




When the effect of the wine was totally gone we find ourselves already in the hotel making planes for the day ahead.
The next morning, armed with energy and a bag full of plans but also encouraged by the sun who was finally winning the battle with the clouds, we were heading to one of the most important attraction of Hong Kong…the big Buddha.



It is a masterpiece  which is rising between the green mountains and is looking over the tourists and pilgrims who are coming here every day. They are climbing the 268 steps to reach the Po Lin monastery located right on the top or for a closer look to the magnificent statue.



Regardless of it impressive high (34 meters), the Big Buddha is guarded on the both side by the Twelve Divine Generals, each of them armed with a particular weapon and symbolizing a different animal from the Chinese zodiac.


Even more beautiful than the statue itself and it legend is the Cable car ride which take you from the city up to the Ngong Ping Village. Fun but scary in the same time, the Cable car offered us a 360 degrees view of the Hong Kong city and we were looking around amazed by it splendor.


Beside the huge Buddha, Ngong Ping village is famous for the pink dolphins. We were a little bit disappointed  though, because  the dolphins seems to not be in a good mood for playing that day only time to time we could see them swimming around the boat.



Once the boat trip was over we had some time to discover the small Chinese village. With lot of dry fish shops and souvenirs everywhere, the village gave me the impression of a big market where the merchants were trying to sell their traditional products to the tourists. We were scared to try any of this, instead we bought some fish snacks and beer, refreshing ourselves before leaving.



Exploring this small village we found a buddhist temple and we had a look inside, finding some believers praying at that time.



It was an interesting experience but we didn’t want to interupt their prayer so we left quickly, walking along the tight streets trying to find the bus station to return to the hotel.



Our last day in Hong Kong we decided to skip the sightseeing and dedicate this time to discover our childish side, to open our imagination and heart for the wonderful world of stories. We left the adults Miha and Abdulla in the hotel room alongside with all the worries of the real life and we became for one day the famous characters Mickey and Minnie mouse.


Once we reached Disneyland, huge rain drops started to hit the ground taking my excitement away. My make up, my curly hair, my clothes everything was wet now and we were running to find a shelter. The rain was coming and going and we start to enjoy this funny shower taking selfies and laughing like the kids.



After few minutes of playing in the rain the sun took over again and the world of Disney was opening it gates for us.



My Mickey grabbed a map and he was concentrated to find the right itinerary for us. I reminded him that we are in a story land where surprise and unexpected are the magical  rules.




We spent funny moments in the kids carousels and with the eyes closed and grabbing my baby’s hand I was hardly convinced to try the scary montagne russes.




We even met a friend from the space who created a planet for us to move in but mistakenly he destroyed it and we were forced to stay on the Earth.
Fascinated by the amazing world of stories I lost my Mickey in the crowed and I was looking desperate for him, refusing to believe that this wonderful day will have a sad end. Finally after a long wait we found each other and the happiness was everything what I felt in that moment.




Very tired after the long magical day we returned to the hotel preparing our luggage for the next day flight. It was the time to leave Hong Kong behind with all its beauty and all the memories that we built here.
I discovered lot of new places and I experienced different emotions in these 4 days but nothing can compare with the beautiful feeling of having an amazing person by my side, holding my hand on the way to the airport.




Our story  started in that day of June and since that moment we are writing a new chapter every day of our life. Witches and Dracula descendants are present like in every tale, feeding themselves with hate and making their souls even more ugly. But with our magical powers we transform all their negativity in love and respect for each other and we appreciate everything what we have together.
My best friend became my lover and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

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