Maldives…the sunny side of life

Since childhood years Maldives was my dreamlike destination, the place that I would die to visit once in a lifetime. But being born in a far away country of East Europe that had just free itself from communist domination, raised in a family with limited financial resources didn’t make the things easier for me and what was a dream supposed to remain just a dream.
Until one day, when my dream became reality not once but for countless of times and now being a travel expert on my own paradise I can share with you a top 10 islands that I had the chance to visit so far.

Everything starts with a dream

Before we get started you have to know that Maldives it’s an archipelago in Indian Ocean consisting of more than 1200 islands of which only 200 are inhabited.
With the capital in the city of Male and the airport on HulHule island, the country is predominantly muslim and in some places alcohol and revealing clothes might be considered taboo.

Mostly visited by the honeymooners, Maldives is not a great idea for party people or solo travelers, every island being relatively small and the chances of bumping into those love birds everywhere you go being quite high.
The prices should also not be neglected and it’s advisable to plan your holiday and the budget well in advance if you don’t want to return home completely broke.

Layover in Paradise

As flight attendants we have a layover of approximately 30 h in Maldives airport island but most of the times we choose to visit other islands for day trips or overnight stay. The cost of this experience is around 80-200$ depends on the package and most important…of the season. On the high season (October-March) the island is invaded by tourism while the rest of the year is more quiet as the area is fighting the monsoon season.
Weather is an important factor that we have to take into consideration whenever we plan a trip as the closest resorts are 20-40 minutes away from the airport by speed boat and an unpredictable storm may arise anytime. Getting stuck on a heavenly island may not seem a bad idea but in fact there are few cabin crew who lost their jobs after they reporter late for work.

1. Club Med

2. Embudu

3. Meeru island

4. Adaraan Vadoo

5. Kuda Bandos

6. Cinnamon island

7. Centara

8. Summer island



9. Kandooma

10. HulHule (airport island)

This is where all the international flights are landing and also the domestic airport for the sea planes that you might need if you choose to stay on a far away island. Hulhule has just a hotel (where we are staying) and few local shops. The aiport is quite small but you can find plenty of touristic counters with offers for luxury resorts and no need to worry if you haven’t book anything in advance.


Male (capital city)

Male is very different than any other island, being the capital city is more conservative and like any other capital comes with its dangers. The sea food is absolutly delicious and the cheapest that you can find during your stay, alcohol is totally prohibited and pickpocketers are wandering the tiny streets on foot or by motorbike hunting careless tourists. One more thing that might surprise you is the dress code…while on the private resorts wearing bikini is totally fine here the muslim ladies are covered from head to toe by long black dresses (abaya) and on the public beach swimming suit is not allowed. You can choose instead a large tshirt and short pants.

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