Singapore, the city where the wonders bloom

I reach the hotel, after 7 hours flight but the excitement of being back to Singapore doesn’t leave place to the tiredness. My room looks exceptional, the perfect atmosphere to enjoy an afternoon nap or a good book with an amazing view over the city.


I am staring out of the window at the beautiful skyscrapers and I keep myself busy trying to count the floors of each building.


The capricious weather almost ruins my plans

In the next moment, grey clouds are taking over the serene sky and a dense rain starts showering everything on its way. Its not surprising at all, Asia still being in plain raining season but I fell determinate to follow up with my plans, even though I have to face the capricious weather.
Meeting one of my colleague down in the lobby, we check our possibilities with the concierge, having a pleasant surprise: the subway is right under the hotel (no need to get out in the rain), it’s very cheap (less than 1 singaporian dollar), fast (just few station take us apart from the city center), extremely clean and well organized. All the metro seats are marked as “reserved” for the special category of people and not only once I’ve seen a young person offering his place to an eldery or pregnant lady.


Surprisingly, everyone masters a perfect english, regardless of the age and it makes our life much easier whenever we need some informations or guidance through the city. 
After less than 40 minutes by the metro we reach our final destination, Bayfront, being greeted by a warm sun and a nice green view: Gardens by the bay.



Singapore, a city in a garden

It’s not the first time when I visit the wonder garden but I am still impressed by its incontestable beauty and the enormous size, hosting not less than 101 hectares of different varieties of plants and flowers, classified with patience depenting on their type and provenance.


Passing through the chinesse gardens, we enter a different place of Asia, the vast, controversial India where few elephants are guarding the entrance.


I feel a small rain drop touching my skin and in the next second a whole shower is hitting the ground, forcing the tourists to run for shelter. Florentina, my colleague has an umbrella and she continue to walk under its protection, while me, enjoying the summer rain I am getting wet from down to the top. Not surprising at all, nobody around me seems to copy my “weird” behavior, cautiously waiting under a tree for the rain to stop completely.


The main attraction of the garden are the majestic artificial trees connected by a modern circular bridge and wraped in natural orchids but unfortunately I wont be able to climb the stairs up to the top, marking it as “must do” for the next time.




A walk with jasmin scent

Finally defeated by the stubborn weather we are making our way back to Marina bay, admiring the splendid landmark made of three identical buildings covered by a rooftop pool.
A small forest of jasmin trees with pastel colors and staggering perfum gives a note of elegance to the whole landscape and I make a short stop over to pick up some flowers dropped by the wind on the muddy alley.



Infinity view 

Following a group of Chinese tourists we head up straight to the sky bar, with a 360 panoramic view over the city. This must be the greteast place in Singapore, except for the Infinity pool, located just few steps away but with exclusive access for the hotel guests.
I could spend the whole day here staring at the tiny boats floating on the calm ocean or admiring the beautiful domes, hosting thoushands flowers under its geometrical shape but Florentina is impatient to see much more of Singapore.




Still having some time before the wonder fountain is starting its performance, we descend by the bay, relaxing for a while next by the lottus lake, together with a bunch of tourists of all nationalities.





The night is approaching fast bringing out to life a glamourous city, full of lights and bright colors, which can easly compete with the greatest cities of the world.







The talking sculpture

Approaching a crowed which seems to have a good time, playing nexy by a huge glass “bowl” we realize amased that we can have a clear conversation sitting in the opposite sides of the sculpture only by whispering into its edge. The innovative design has a practical purpose as well, draining the rain directly into an indoor pool for the tourists delight.



The “Wonderfull” fountain

Gathering around the lake, hundred people are waiting to see the Wonder fountain which will start its daily dance at 8 o’clock. Its not a surprise for me, but I am same excited as they are, impatient to see one more time the beautiful 3D game of lights and fire.


I have to admit though that I am a little bit disappointed to find the same show after 3 years and it doesnt fascinate me as the first time. Even Florentina doesnt look impressed and we are rushing back to the hotel craving for a well deserved sleep.


The port of lost wonders-Sentosa

I set the alarm for the next day, planing to visit one more time the most beautiful island of Singapore, Sentosa. The rain hits my window early in the morning, laughing on my face: “You wish”.
My endless love for Sentosa started back in 2014 when together with a group of girls we decided to explore the beautiful island with one major objective: having FUN


The place is relatively close to Singapore main island and it can be reached by metro or even more convenient, by taxi and it offers a wide variety of activities suitable for each taste and age category.
As always, the time is not in our favor and we have to skip the Universal studios or the indoor skydive, choosing instead to explore the beautiful Palawan beach.


A suspension bridge connects the beach with the southermost point of continental Asia, also known as the Asia’s closest point to the Equator. After a short moment of hesitation, I am stepping with fear on the mobile bridge made of hanging woods and ropes, following my colleagues who already reached to the other end.
A Chinese kid capture our attention with his funny “Gangnam” style, melting our hearts with his sweetness and his innocent smile. 


The other side of the beach gained even more popularity over the time, being borded by shady coconut trees and clear waters, perfect for swimming. We are climbing with difficulty the narrow stairs of the viewing tower, stopping time to time for pictures or changing few words with the other tourists.


The heavenly view over the island let us with the mouth open and we click with excitement hundred pictures, which now are serving as incontestable souvenir for a life time.
We end our day with a light picnic on the golden sands, trying to delay as much as possible the moment of our departure. 


Rules are made to be respected

Sigapore is definitely the greenest city that I ever seen, a real garden of the world and the most civilized and developed place of Asia. The country is gouvernated by strict rulles which has to be followed regardless if you are a local, tourist or in transit.
What should you know before traveling to Singapore to avoid getting in trouble?
-Do not conect to other people Wi-fi without their permision
-Don’t sing obscene songs on public areas
_Don’t smoke, spit, chew gum or walk naked (even if you are in your own house)
_Flush the toiled after using it
-Don’t show signs of affection for the same sex
_Don’t drink alcohool after 10:30 pm
-Don’t feed the pigeons
-Don’t commite suicide
If breaking any of these laws is punished with ridiculous high fines or/and prison, others will take you directly to death (bringing drugs into the country or while you are in transit at the airport).

Please keep this in mind and enjoy the beautiful Singapore!


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