Tulum, the mystic town of Maya

After six amazing days spent on the Mexican coast I finally reached with enthusiasms and hight expectations the last stop of my trip: Tulum.

The hidden Paradise

Located 130 km away from Cancun, Tulum is considered by the locals a hidden paradise while for the tourists all over the world the small town became the new bohemian hotspot, the place which perfectly combine the beauty of Mexican Caribbean with the mysticism of Maya civilization.

If twenty years ago only few beachfront boutique hotels and houses would interfere in the normal course of the nature, in present the narrow seaside road is crammed with more than a hundred hotels and restaurants, bringing their own contribution to the environmental damage.

Zama, the city of the dawn

Unlike the modern people, Maya population had a great understanding of the importance that nature holds in humans life and would inhabit only places where energy had a special vibratory level. Probably this is how Tulum became the only Mayan city built on the coast.

Named initially Zama (City of dawn), the mayan city doesnt impress only by the architectural complexity but also by its location up on a 12 meter cliff with a stunning view over the ocean.

Apparently Zama used to be more of a religious and ceremonial city rather than a citadel, where only priests and nobility were allowed between its walls. The access, in the past but also in the present is through few small door ways in the surrounding wall.

El Castillo, the third more visited place in Mexico

The most imposing building of the site its El Castillo (the castle) where major religious ceremonies and sacrifices were held in the name of the “Descending God” depicted on several buildings as an upside-down figure above doorways.

Iguana is not a pet

Don’t be surprise to meet in your path few curious iguanas who enjoy sunbathing in the company of tourists. They might look scary in the beginning but they are harmless to humans, as are most turtles. However, there are certain members of both groups that can kill or inflict mild levels of pain on their victims. Some lizards are, in fact, venomous, and some are quite aggressive so try not to bothered them.

Maya population start disappearing at the end of the 16th century and not because of iguanas bite but mostly eliminated by the disease brought by Spanish, taking with them the mystery of a great civilization, built not in plain sight but in tropical rainforests.

Counting my blessings

The heat its unbearable and I have to admit that I am not wearing the most comfortable clothes but Hey… was I ever the typical tourist?

I end up the short visit with few instagram pictures greatfull for the blessings that life continues to offer me. I never dreamed to be here and now I never dream of living.


  1. What a wonderful day! Tulum is so beautiful and I love the unique Mayan ruins next to the ocean.
    I’m glad that you enjoyed the Riviera Maya!

    Liked by 1 person

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