Sydney’s beaches

Australia, beautiful land blessed with an abundance of beaches and surrounded by the ocean. My favorite city of them all it’s undoubtedly Sydney where sparkling beaches hug the cliffs from Bondi to Bronte coastal.
Ready for adventure?

Spectacular coastal journeys

Unlike the regular dream like beaches where the main attraction it’s consider to be the white, soft sand and the crystal clear waters, Sydney’s beach area proves to be a little bit more complex, combining an adventurous rocky look with a flat relaxing area covered with sand and grass.

Icebergs pools, a heaven for photographers

Beautiful spots are everywhere and it’s easy to lose track of time when surrounded by such surreal landscape.
Undeniably the best place to admire the spectacular view over the Bondi Beach it’s Icebergs pool which has been around for almost one hundred years and has become a landmark of the city.
Hang out by the side of the pool or head upstairs to one of the balconies for a better look of the ocean.
Entrance fee? Only 6,5$.

Lucky are the visitors but so much blessed should feel the locals especially the ones waking up with this view. Cost of living wouldn’t be surprising in this case.

Australia it’s not only known only for the beauty of the landscapes but also for the effort shown in preserving the environment for the future generations. The latest initiative in fighting against pollution and the plastic dumped in the ocean it’s covering the city’s pipes with drainage nests where the waste is collected and recycled. Not cheap at all, the innovative nests seem to do their job properly, the plastic being trapped before reaches the ocean and the manual labor cost being substantially reduced.

La Perouse

Moving out towards the southern side of the city I discover another gem, an isolated beach with a french name, where the only visitors seem to be a soft summer breeze whistling through naturally carved rocks and the waves hitting on the shore.

Soft sand beaches or the rocky ones? Which one do you prefer?

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