Butt naked in London

If you are planning a trip to London the first thing you might want to keep in mind it’s the whimsical weather. The country is well known for it’s cloudy, rainy days and even during the summer it’s highly advised to carry an umbrella with you (I wish someone would have give me this advice before).

London on final approach

London was never on my favorite list of cities maybe because of the dark sky covered with clouds or maybe because I never truly fitted in the lifestyle of the locals (a bit too loud, a bit to crazy for my taste).

Landings are often bumpy due to the strong winds present for the most part of the year, however if you are lucky enough to arrive to London on a clear day you better not miss the charming view over the city during the approach.

Even though I flew to London countless time since I started my career as a flight attendant, I only managed to visit the city center twice. Our hotels were always located in the airport area around 1 hour away from the downtown and once again… the weather almost never helped. Neither did the over booked flights full of passengers expecting a non stop service. A good long nap was always most tempting after arrival.

A light load flight and a beautiful double rainbow greeting us on Heathrow airport and I knew instantly that it’s now or never, my last chance to revist the touristic area of the capital city before the summer ends.

The parade of naked asses

The excentric way of life of the londonese never fails to surprise me, hundreds of people riding their bicycles wearing nothing but their smiles on and in some casses a face mask in what seem to be a pacefull manifestation of the naked asses. It’s not very clear what was the reason for the parade of the cocks and boobs of every size and colors but undoubtedly it left the public with an unforgettable memory.

Big Ben, the tower clock

I decided to forget the “traumatic view” that was forced on me not once but twice within few minutes apart and turn my head to the other side of the Thames river where the old Big Ben seems to be in need of restoration.

Unfortunately the work on the most famous landmark of United Kingdom lasted for years, starting in 2017 and expected to be completed in the beginning of the next year (2022). Luckly there is nothing that a good editing program can’t fix, and with a bit of help Big Ben was standing in all it’s splendor like in the good, old days.

The phone boxes

A classic british icon, the K2 red telephone boxes are a all time favorite touristic attraction and probably the most photographed object in London. I wouldn’t miss a picture on this spot for nothing in the world.

Some people might notice a striking similarity between the old phone boxes and the tomb of Sir John Soane (whoever that gentelman was) but one thing is for sure: those phone boxes are giving me chills especially after dark. Often used in british crime movies in order to create suspans or mistery, those phone boxes associated with a rainy night and the shadow of a man wearing a big hat will definitely make you run. .. butt naked or not.

The Tower bridge

My favorite landmark, the Tower Bridge it’s located in a beautiful area of the city, surrounded by fancy restaurantes and bars alongside the Thames river. As I have visited London on a Saturday afternoon it was impossible to find a free spot to grab a beer and let alone for lunch or dinner, so it is highly advisable to book a table in advance and admire the old bridge changing into its night gown over a glass of wine.

I was lucky enough to see the Tower opening it’s bridge for a big size boat to pass underneath, a show that attracted the other tourists and their photocameras as well. This year the bridge was stuck in the open possition twice due to a malfunction which makes it obvious that the 1982 sophisticated counstruction needs some urgent repair.

The Buckingham Palace

The centrepiece of the UK’s monarchy, the Buckingham Palace isn’t the most visited place of the country how one would have expected but the second after Windsor Castel. Hundreds of tourists line up every day in front of the iron gates hopping to see a glimpse of the queen who resides in the palace occasionaly or at least to witness the ceremony of Changing the guards. If you are not lucky enough to see the Queen at least you may hope to become one in the future by taking a selfie in front of the palace. You never know when prince Charles will decide to have a younger wife.

After my last visit I have changed my opinion about the city and the people entirely and I am waiting with excitement my next trip to the cloudy, charming London.

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