We said YES in Seychelles

Doesn’t matter how many weddings you have attended, how many times you have caught a bouquet or how many bride maids dresses you have exchanged over the years, there is something truly special and indescribable beautiful about your own wedding day.

Tears of joy, an amalgam of emotions and thousands smiles that will hurt your cheeks…you will experience them all once you put on your wedding gown.

Often characterized as a tough person by my friends and relatives, my special day melted my ice cold heart and transformed me in a Disney princess ready to embark on the most beautiful journey together with her choosen Prince.

Everything started with the dress

The best things happens when they are unplanned and spontaneous and so was our wedding. Everything started on a short trip to my home country Romania, exactly one month before the wedding, when after visiting a wedding gallery I found my dream dress.

I put it on and it fitted like a glove. The next thing I know it’s us on a tiny african island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, swearing eternal love to each other.

The big day-2nd of September 2021

The wedding day started early in the morning with lof of emotions, tears of happiness and of course the undesirable Bridezilla moment when, for a second it crossed my mind to call off the entire wedding. The make up session didn’t go as expected and my bride maids were not ready with their own preparation either.
The time flew really fast and before I knew it we were heading towards the wedding location.

Walking down the stairs

We didnt have a formal wedding nor a religios ceremony, therefore we didn’t have an aisle to walk on. With all those we wanted to keep the tradition and make this moment a special one. We didn’t see each other wedding clothes until the moment I walked down the stairs of the property where we stayed at, my charming prince waiting for me impatiently.

Thousands fireworks exploaded on my soul in different colors and paterns in a moment of happiness that is hard to describe in words. I felt in love with him again and from that moment forward I floated on a fluffy cotton cloudIt was just us and nothing else in the world mattered.

Our venue, the most photographed place in the world

Our ceremony has taken places in a dream location, Anse Source D’argent considered one of the most beautiful place in the world and indeed the most photographed beach around the Globe.

As La digue is a tiny island where the main means of transportation is the bike, we were drive to the venue with a cute budgie beautifuly decorated with white flowers.

Most of the girls dream of limousins, luxurious menu and famous singers for their special day, I dreamed of a wedding in the middle of the nature, surronded by palm trees, sand between my toes, the sound of the waves and the blessing of the sun.

Weather was my biggest concern as Seychelles is known for the tropical storms that can arise at any moment and can ruin even the best planned event. Rain was never added to our guest list and had the decency of not showing off uninvited.

One thing that we didn’t take too seriously even though the wedding planner warned us days in advance was the high tide that was treatening to invade our venue, reason why the ceremony was set up for the early hours of the morning (10 am). Fortunately the tide showed pitty on us and revoke its plans, giving us enough time to finish the entire ceremony with our feet dry.

The ceremony

Probably the most memorable part of the day was the moment when we were pronnounced husband and wife and we emerged in a single human being that has vowed to cheer each other for the rest of their lifes. The divine location, the beautiful arrangement of frangipani flowers and our lovely friends who did the impossible to attend our wedding were added to our special book of memories that will last until death take us apart.

Tossing the bouquet

After the ceremony, came the most awaited moment of the day, tossing the bouquet. Other girls present on the beach that day were invited to join my bride maids in the big competition. After two failed attempt and few injuries suffered for the big prize, the bouquet ended up with Aly, my childhood friend.

I never thought that I can be tired of pictures but after an extensive photoshoot on the beach, with my dress wet and full of sand we decided to return to the villa and continue the celebration later on with a beautiful sunset dinner in the most splendid restaurant in La digue: The fish trap.

No drama about the guest seating chart, no gossips about the menu or the arrangements like it often happens in the traditional weddings, just good friends gathered to celebrate Love.

A wedding would have not been complete without a proper party and we wrapped up the day with traditional romanian dances around the pool.

Happy ever after

Once upon a time, an elderly couple that I have met in one of my holidays advised me: “Get married in Seychelles, it’s a paradise with huge tortoises and unbelievable landscapes, the most beautiful place in the world”. At the time I had no idea where Seychelles is located and not even if the giant tortoises exist in real life or not but I had the courage to dreamed about it day after day. Now here I am, at 33 years old, on the 2nd of September 2021, on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where giant tortoises do exist and the love last forever.

Never underestimate the power of your dreams!

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